Top 10 WALKING DEAD Memes, Plus A Few More

With The Walking Dead now on winter hiatus it leaves a tremendous hole to fill in its absence. We will have to wait until February 14th, 2016 to see Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Glenn, and the gang. As is often the case, the fate of our beloved group and the Alexandrians – the newest addition to the family – hangs in the balance and we are not sure how they will get themselves out of this pickle.

Until then, here are a collection of the best The Walking Dead memes out there. Enjoy!

Everyone loves a Liam Neeson meme and if you can combine a nod to Game of Thrones meme with a Walking Dead one, why not?

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Liam Neeson GOT and TWD meme

Many fans’ reaction to the uncertain fate of Glenn for SEVERAL episodes of Season 6 of The Walking Dead

Fans searching for Glenn in dumpster

When we first met The Walking Dead’s Carol she was an unassuming housewife, mother, and domestic violence, victim. She is NOT that person anymore…

Carol Don't Just Bake Cookie

Glenn has killed walkers in a lot of different ways, but wouldn’t it be amazing if shade could kill?

Glenn Throwing Shade

Remember when Gabriel the Priest went behind Rick’s back and attempted to sabotage his place in Alexandria? Well Rick wants to have a little discussion with him…

Gabriel retreating from a Rick confrontation

Many of you out there know Tyler James Williams – he portrayed a young version of Chris Rock – from the show Everybody Hates Chris, but we loved him as Noah. You should appreciate this meme ’cause it’s fun to be so wrong…

Everybody Ate Noah

The kids on this show, with the exception of Judith because she is an infant, are quite annoying. The youngsters in Alexandria have there on special brand of sucking. You know we’re ALL thinking this…

Sam and Ron Meme

The once abused Carol is no joke. She is one of the strongest characters on the show AND she constantly does what needs to done to keep everyone safe and to survive. Wanna see how Carol feels about abusers?

Carol Domestic Violence Meme

Because Andrea and Lori really were THE WORST!!! Who among you were not happy to see them both go?

Morgan vs. Andrea

Daryl is by far at the top of the list of fan favorites. On the surface, he looks like a hillbilly, but there is definitely more than meets the eye. Oh yeah, and this guy can survive off the land. You WANT this “redneck’ on your side…

The Walking Dead meme

During the apocalypse treats are a limited commodity and eating one’s stash should/is frowned upon…

Did you Eat Morgan's Peanut Bar

Because Glenn’s Movember will take ALL Mo-Year to grow…

Glenn's sad facial hair growth

Eugene the coward and idiot savant

Eugene the Idiot Savant

Enjoy the memes and throw your death shade of your own!

Khuwailah Beyah
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