Top 10 Crossovers IDW Publishing Should Do Next

With the entertaining result of IDW’s first major crossover event “Revolution,” it’s important to think about where to go next. The studio is already set on releasing their new book Revolutionaries, which will feature a team of characters from GI Joe, Transformers, and Action Man, and have plans to have Star Trek meet Aliens in 2017. For those who are interested in more crossover events in the future, it’s important to look at the different properties IDW currently has under their banner and see how they would match up and what kind of stories can be told from them. This is the list of the top 10 IDW crossovers which could come in the near future.


10. Micronauts meets Strawberry Shortcake

The tiny heroes from the Microverse meet with the tiny residence of Berry Bitty City. Sure it would shake up for Strawberry’s Cafe, but at the same time it might just give the Micronauts the more human side their early issues have been lacking.


9. Satellite Falling meets Star Trek

The setting of creator owned comic Satellite Falling is the perfect backwater, corruption filled location that the crew of the Enterprise could visit. Kirk would try to make a pass on Lilly, only to discover she’s making passes at Uhura. If anything, it will still be interesting how the near lawless characters in the Satellite would interact with crew from the Federation. It would definitely be an entertaining ride at the very least.


8. Powerpuff Girls vs. Judge Dredd

This is more of a cracked pairing more than it is an actual suggestion. Still many have been adamant about how the new Powerpuff Girls series is saturated with Internet humor and pop culture references. What could be more in the theme of the randomness of the internet than a crossover no one thought would happen? It would go down in comic book infamy in the same vein of Archie meets the Predator.


7. Back to the Future meets Jem

This thing can connect on so many different levels. First Marty could jam out with the Holograms. Then Doc would be fascinated by Synergy and the work which went into making her. Third could be a story which focuses on Jem being targeted for some kind of assassination attempt and the lose of her and her music having a major impact on the future. Doc and Marty would have to use the DeLorean to set things right and save the day. Man, this story may need more than a mini series to contain all the possibilities.


6. X-Files meets Rom

Fox Mulder has always been searching for the truth of alien life. Rom’s comic series has introduced shapeshifting aliens who are have infiltrated higher levels of government. The two are pretty much destined to meet to uncover the truth behind what the Dire Wraiths plans are for the human race.


5. G.I. Joe meets Ghostbusters

This is another one which can be explained pretty easy. In an effort to conquer the world, Cobra unleashes an ancient evil demon. G.I. Joe decides they need some consultants who just happen to be experts in the Paranormal. Enter the Ghostbusters who will provide the team with technology they need to win the day. Yo Joe-Busters!


4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet The Maxx

IDW has been re-releasing the classic comic series The Maxx under the title The Maxx: Maxximize. The homeless hero from another dimension could easily stumble across the Ninja Turtles, who have experience fighting enemies from foreign dimensions themselves. Together the group could travel to other dimensions or fight through the sewers of New York. Whatever would happens you know it would be crazy in a way which would guarantee a crazy time for fans of either series.

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3. The Rocketeer meets Action Man

The Rocketeer, a hero with a jetpack who fights Nazis. Action Man, a title given to the greatest secret agent Britain’s special forces can assemble. Have the Action Man of World War II meet up with the Rocketeer, have a brief misunderstanding, and then team up and defeat Hitler. The mini-series basically writes itself.


2. Godzilla vs. Mars Attacks

Think about it for a second. The Martians want to take over Earth. They realize if they want the planet for their own they will eventually have to face off against the world’s most powerful giant monster. So using all the different technology and resources Mars will try their best to take on the King of the Monsters. Of course Godzilla will have no such thing as pretenders trying to take away his throne.


1. My Little Pony meets Transformers

My Little Pony has become one of the titular fantasy series of Hasbro with a cast of enduring characters. Transformers has become one of the titular scifi series from Hasbro with a cast of enduring characters. Think of all the fun adventures these characters could embark on together. Optimus Prime and Princess Celestia talking about the burden of responsibilities as great leaders. Princess Luna and Megatron reflecting on their tattered pasts. Soundwave and DJ Pony spinning hits on the dance floor. The possibilities are endless and the fans would eat it up. This is why this crossover easily took the top spot on this list.

What crossovers are you hoping IDW will have next? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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