Tons Of New Details On ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Emerge

Some interesting details have emerged about the upcoming season of The Flash, via Entertainment Weekly.

First off, Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg talked about the stakes of the Flashpoint storyline.

“The stakes in the comic book in Flashpoint were global and the stakes in this episode are very much just about Barry, his existence, and the people that he loves.”

Kreisberg also mentioned that Barry is in a happy state of mind, which is rare.

“He’s actually in a happy place, which is somewhere you don’t always see Barry Allen in. He’s now living in a world where his mother is alive and he’s taking it as, ‘I’ve finally got my reward for all of the suffering that I’ve gone through. This is my prize.'”


He then went on to talk about Wally being a speedster.

“We wanted to do something bold and start the season off with a bang,” Kreisberg says. “So we decided to get Wally in the suit. The circumstances of how that happens, well, you’ll have to watch to see.”

Additionally, it should be noted that Reverse-Flash is back, and serves as “Barry’s conscience”.

“Barry has messed with the universe to find his happy ending and he’s put in the awkward and ironic position of having his greatest villain, the man who killed his mother, being the one to tell him, ‘This is wrong, you’re a hero and heroes don’t do this'”. It’s a great way to have him interact with his singular greatest foe by having the villain essentially be on the side of the angels and be right.”

Lastly, Kreisberg talked about Tom Felton’s impact on the show.

“We’ve all seen him grow up from an amazing child actor to an amazing adult actor. Season threes are typically when you add that character that comes in to shake things up, just in the same way we added Brandon Routh to Arrow in season 3. Having Tom join the show and adding his energy, his delivery, and his performance to our very tightly knit cast is definitely meant to help shake things up.” 

Season 3 of The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 4. Are you excited?

Aric Sweeny
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