Tom King Announces Batman ‘War Of Jokes And Riddles’

Earlier today, Batman writer Tom King blasted Twitter with a major upcoming story. Following the ongoing I Am Bane story arc, King announced a epic clash between two classic Gotham villains. The Joker and Riddler will faceoff in War of Jokes and Riddles.

Along with these little bits of story setup, we were treated to a ton of art. King says the series will begin with Batman #25 and last for eight issues. Artist Mikel Janin will take the title back over from David Finch.

This story will be the first to involve Joker since Rebirth began. In DC Rebirth #1 Batman revealed that, upon asking the Mobius Chair for his identity, there are actually three Jokers. Will this story finally touch upon that revelation?

Tom King tweeted “Joker is tired of riddles, Riddler is tired of jokes.”

The Joker appears to be returning to a more classic look. After becoming a horror movie villain throughout Snyder/Capullo’s brilliant New 52 run, this more traditional approach could be a lot of fun. Of course, this Joker and the horror Joker could be entirely different people.

Batman fans have a lot to look forward to this year. Along with War of Jokes and Riddles, Dark Knights: METAL was also just announced.

Are you excited for the upcoming Batman books? Which current Bat-Book is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Brandon J. Griffin
Brandon J. Griffin
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