Tom Hiddleston Joins Instagram, Reveals Loki’s New Look for “Ragnarok”

Everyone’s favorite trickster Loki is finally on Instagram. Tom Hiddleston posted his first photo yesterday on his shiny new Instagram account. In the photo, he’s in costume for Thor: Ragnarok, the third in the series.

Tom Hiddleston Instagram
Who showed him how filters work?

What Tom Hiddleston’s Insta has to do with Taylor Swift

Some folks guess that this new account is proof of Swift’s influence on Hiddleston. Others, noting that he is not following her, argue that they’re unrelated. In fairness, Swift isn’t following him yet, either. We’re much more looking forward to further behind the scenes photos from Ragnarok than any Hiddle-Swift pics.

Hiddleston was already active on his Twitter account, which he uses largely as a promotional tool. However, he’s hooked the two profiles together, which is how a lot of fans found his instagram so quickly.

Welcome to Instagram, Tom!

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