Todd McFarlane’s Call To Action For Creators

Todd McFarlane

On a quite Wednesday night Image Comics founder Todd McFarlane posted a call to action to creators on his Facebook wall:

It is a GOOD TIME to be an INDEPENDENT CREATOR right now!!!! And I tell people that all the time….. Here’s why…..

Right now, Marvel is owned by Disney and DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment. What this means is that NEITHER ONE of those companies is going to let ANY of their characters OUTSIDE their company. So here’s what’s happening…… Universal Studios Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Sony , FOX and a lot of other smaller studios are LOOKING FOR CONTENT!!!!

So I’m telling you… It’s a GOOD TIME to be an INDEPENDENT CREATOR!

So if any of you have ever thought about putting an idea down on paper – TODAY IS THE PERFECT DAY! There is a great hunger for stuff that ISN’T Marvel and DC.

Another thing I tell people is that if you do a book, and if it’s the 150th best-selling book…. BUT the 149 books ahead of you are Marvel and DC… YOU have the NUMBER ONE book for all other studios! So don’t get discouraged. You don’t have to be a big-selling book to have people interested in you right now. The studios have to scratch out Marvel and DC and go ‘What’s Left???’

So if you have an idea – PUT IT ON PAPER. Now. Go do it! You can make big things happen!!!

Here’s another early Spawn promotional piece from 1992. I think it was my first advertisement for Spawn…. I’m glad I saved him for when I started Image Comics because I own him, the comic book and all the other future stuff (MOVIE!).

Be good.

Do you agree with McFarlane that now is the best time to be a creator? Comment below.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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