'TMNT Dimension X' is a triumph for weird. The series is a great jumping on point for new readers and more than satisfies regular readers with the momentary change in pace and style. Cartooning doesn't get much better than this, a must-read for any TMNT fan.


‘TMNT Dimension X’ A Triumph In Weird

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Our favorite mutant teenage brothers recently hit a milestone with their ongoing series. It became the longest running TMNT series of all-time. Now is a great time to be a Turtles fan, they’re firing on all cylinders through multiple titles. TMNT Dimension X is a cosmic trip through the weirdest of the weird, which is often the best of the best.

Dimension X 5 cvr


Krang is going to trial and the Turtles have to collect a number of high profile witnesses to testify against him. Our four heroes and their Dimension X allies must race against the cybernetic assassin, Hakk-R, hired to eliminate the witnesses.

The witness featured in this issue is Totus, a planet entity composed entirely of living plant organisms. Krang experimented on the planet, leaving a portion of it as a wasteland. The story of the mutated outcasts in the wasteland is a tragic one, but not without an uplifting resolution.


This is the fifth and final installment of this mini-series, each issue has been an intoxicating delight. Taking the characters deeper into the strangeness that Dimension X offers is spectacular fun.

Every creature, planet, environment, and sequence is well crafted and chock full of eye candy. Reading like a Saturday morning cartoon special with the weird cranked up to eleven.

As always, the dynamic between the four brothers is excellent. Dialogue is crucial with these characters in comics, Devin Grayson makes them sing. The witness featured in each issue instantly clicks with the turtles, whether they be a classic character or new creation.

Dimension plants

Dimension X‘s script transports readers back to their favorite Saturday morning cartoon memories. Krang and his hired assassin are deliciously dastardly and function like an old school villain duo.

Krang Hakk-R

Issue five isn’t the strongest of the bunch visually, but it still delivers and hits hard when it needs to. The colorful layouts and creative character designs have been a major highlight throughout the series. Craig Rousseau and Leonardo Ito do wonders together in filling each panel with life.

This mini-series will easily become an essential for all TMNT fans. Kevin Eastman’s ongoing series is fantastic, Dimension X is a perfect compliment and timeout from the main book.

Tmnt supes

Hopefully readers who enjoy this strange five issue arc will jump onto the regular series to finish out the trial of Krang and stick around after that. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans have a lot to be happy about right now.

Overall, the book and series are nonstop fun from top to bottom. A perfect balance of lighthearted silliness and explosive ninja action with so much character it’ll make your heart swell.

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