A perfect mix of flashbacks for character moments and intense battle are the highlights of this episode.
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Titans Grapple In ‘Attack On Titan’

After the cliffhanger of last week’s episode, Attack On Titan finds a way to keep the intensity going. The Colossal Titan takes hostages and surrounds himself with a layer of steam which allows him to remain untouched yet possessing the upper hand in the fight. Despite being the face of the franchise, you quickly excuse the fact he’s basically just sitting around on a wall for entire episode by the main focus of what happens next: Intense Titan on Titan combat.

As Eren faces off against the Armored Titan a more familiar face of the character emerges. No longer confined by his duty as a soldier, Eren cuts loose by channeling his rage into the fight, using it as fuel to keep him on target, and at the same time finding ways to mentally insult his opponent constantly throughout the confrontation. To help illustrate the point, he finds a way to make several comparison between the Armored Titan and excrement. You’d think his mother would have washed his mouth out with soap for such language. Until you remember his mother is dead because of the actions of the person he is presently locked in combat with.

The entire episode isn’t simply non stop brutal fighting. Flashbacks to the character’s time in training helps to reflect on moments spent with those thought to be allies. It also helps Eren to formulate a plan to be able to properly launch a counterattack on his opponent. Also there is a very humorous moment as Hange realizes Eren is in full control of his Titan form and it stimulates her scientific creative to the point she reacts in a way which helps to break the tension. In an episode which is mostly an devastating combat between two massive fighters, a moment of reprevicle like this is actually a welcomed sight.

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Anthony Wendel
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A perfect mix of flashbacks for character moments and intense battle are the highlights of this episode. Titans Grapple In 'Attack On Titan'