“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job” Receives Season 6 Special

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! will be returning to Adult Swim for a season 6 special episode. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the titular duo doing the awesome job, announced the episode during their “10 Year Anniversary Awesome Tour” on July 14th in New York City. The exact air date of the episode has not been declared yet, but the duo did confirm that it will be on television at some point in the fall.

The episode itself, which was shown in its entirety during the tour, is apparently filled with references to the series’ entire run. Considering that the last episode aired in 2010, the new material could be considered something of a refresher course, if it’s actually possible to forget things like Spagett or their bizarre “Chrimbus Special.” Either way, the episode is guaranteed to please longtime fans of Tim and Eric, although because of this, its ability to convert newcomers is questionable.

This isn’t exactly the end of some longstanding hiatus, however; the duo have been up to quite a few things since 2010. On Adult Swim alone, they have Check It Out! with Steve Brule and Tim & Eric Bedtime Stories, both of which are Tim and Eric spinoffs, with the latter an appropriately strange horror anthology series. Heidecker also works on the Adult Swim series Decker, while Wareheim is one of the best parts of the excellent Master of None series on Netflix.


At the end of the New York show, the duo gave special thanks to Bob Odenkirk, who they praised for being an early “champion” of their offbeat, surrealist work. Odenkirk, of course, likely saw the series as a successor to his own extremely strange Mr. Show with Bob and David, a sketch comedy series co-starring David Cross. Mr. Show received something of a reboot for Netflix in 2016.

Are you excited for more Tim and Eric?

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Joseph Rejent
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