‘Kimchi Cuddles’ Artist Funds Her New Graphic Novel ‘Love, Retold’

Tikva Wolf, author of the immensely popular comic Kimchi Cuddles, has another graphic novel funded and ready to release. Love, Retold is a “polyamorous love story in graphic novel form”.

The Indiegogo campaign closes in 6 days, but reached its goal in a week with 100 backers. The campaign promises signed (and kissed!) copies of Love, Retold before it’s available to the general public. Higher tiers also include her first book, Ask Me About Polyamory, a Kimchi Cuddles collection.


“Love, Retold is a meditation on love and companionship for people who don’t remember feudalism. Each chapter explores Wolf’s experiences with loved ones—Wolf’s lovers and their lovers.” -Indiegogo

There’s a shortage of explorations of polyamory in popular media today, and thus, Tikva Wolf’s work fills an important niche. Both Kimchi Cuddles and her new book address polyamory – romantic involvement with more than one partner – with a stark honesty and humor that makes the subject a lot more approachable.


Kimchi Cuddles is an autobiographical webcomic about polyamory, queerness and other non-standard relationship models. In it, she discusses her and her partners’ frequent challenges, especially concerning topics such as asexuality, jealousy, and long-distance relationships.

kimchi cuddles, love retold

Kimchi Cuddles takes its stories and conversations from Tikva Wolf’s own experiences. However, Love, Retold features a fictional set of people, although she’s honest about where they come from.

“The characters are based on people in my actual life so they are reminiscent of Kimchi Cuddles characters.” -Tikva Wolf

In an interview with Jess Novak at Journal News, Wolf also describes Love, Retold as “following a character who’s similar to Kimchi as she learns what types of relationships she cares about and why.” Importantly, this makes her new graphic novel one of self-discovery just as much as romance.

Read Tikva Wolf’s work at kimchicuddles.com! Have you read her comics before?

Elliott Dunstan
Elliott Dunstan
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