Surprisingly deeper in the end than the beginning lets on.
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‘Tiger Philanthropist’ Invests In ‘Steven Universe’

Steven tries pro wrestling.

The long awaited episode has finally arrived. In the original schedule, Tiger Philanthropist was supposed to come out before Last One Out Of Beach City and was to be part of an earlier season. As the episode finally arrives, Steven and Amethyst are once again in their wrestling alter egos. Amethyst is sick of being Purple Puma but Steven wants to keep going and adopts a new identity as Tiger Philanthropist. Surprisingly the episode finds a way to make a simple concept turn into something more deep and meaningful.

When episodes of Steven Universe feature more of the Beach City crew it’s hard to say what you’re going to get. They are usually either blah or only remotely good. Here though they add to the overall enjoyment by not detracting from the real message. The show finds a way to criticize the problems which comes from giving fans what they want. Using Lars as a mouthpiece for fans everywhere who are not happy when creators give them exactly what they ask for. It’s a small reminder there is just no pleasing people sometimes and you can only do so much.


The main theme and overall quality of the episode is surprisingly entertaining despite not going for drama or action. Instead it simply takes the time to look into the relationship of Steven and Amethyst. As characters grow it’s important to have them check in with each and show where they stand. Updating the status of a relationship helps to remind the audience characters are just as close as they ever were despite the crazy adventures they have been on. Steven and Amethyst growing stronger doesn’t mean they are drifting apart and this is an important lesson which really makes the audience remember they are still as strong as they ever were.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Surprisingly deeper in the end than the beginning lets on. 'Tiger Philanthropist' Invests In 'Steven Universe'