Three Upcoming IMAGE COMICS Titles You Need in Your Pull

We are sadly losing Black Science this year, with the presumed final issue coming at No. 40. Though, with loss, springs new life, as we are also getting three brand-new science fiction ongoing series from Image Comics, including one each from workhorses Jeff Lemire, creator of Descender, and The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman.


Vs (by: Ivan Brandon and Esad Ribic)


Release Date: February 7, 2018

About (via Image): War has become a spectator sport. Privately funded armies of superstar soldiers march into battle for fame, profit and the glory of their sponsor nations. When a new generation of soldiers arrive, top gladiator, Satta Flynn, is about to discover how fleeting the limelight can be. VS delivers spectacular action, darkly humorous satire and explores our hunger for fame and our penchant for self-destruction.

VS #1 (Cover A & B)

Gideon Falls (by: Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino)

Release Date: March 7, 2018

About (via Image): The lives of a reclusive young man obsessed with a conspiracy in the city’s trash, and a washed-up Catholic priest arriving in a small town full of dark secrets, become intertwined around the mysterious legend of The Black Barn, an otherworldly building that is alleged to have appeared in both the city and the small town, throughout history, bringing death and madness in its wake. Rural mystery and urban horror collide in this character-driven meditation on obsession, mental illness and faith.

Gideon Falls #1 (Cover A & B)


Oblivion Song (by: Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici)

Release Date: March 7, 2018

About (via Image): A decade ago, 300,000 citizens of Philadelphia were suddenly lost in Oblivion. The government made every attempt to recover them, but after many years, they gave up. Nathan Cole … won’t. He makes daily trips, risking his life to try and rescue those still living in the apocalyptic hellscape of Oblivion. But maybe … Nathan is looking for something else? Why can’t he resist the siren call of the Oblivion Song?

Bonus: The collector’s edition of the debut issue of features an exclusive limited edition variant cover by by De Felici! It comes with an 11-inch statue, based on the cover of Oblivion Song #1, an exclusive print and a collector’s pin. These items will ONLY be available in this collector’s edition set, which are limited to 1,000.​

Oblivion Song #1 (Cover A & Collector’s Edition)


Any other Image titles that you are excited about in 2018? Tell us in the comments section below.

Michael Stagno
Michael Stagno
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