Three Comic Book Stories Perfect For ‘Arrow’

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Will Arrow adapt more material from the comic books?


Arrow fans will agree season four is probably the weakest in the CW show’s history. However, the fifth season could be a return to form. Here are three comic book stories that would make great adaptations on the show.

The Longbow Hunters is first and foremost an Oliver Queen storyline
“The Longbow Hunters” is first and foremost an Oliver Queen storyline

The Longbow Hunters

Mike Grell’s 1987 miniseries is dark and gritty. Launched in the Post-Crisis universe, the Green Arrow is struggling with his mortality as he turns 43. As Oliver Queen, he heads to Seattle and investigates a drug smuggling ring. Further complicating things is an assassin named Shado who falls afoul of Green Arrow.

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“The Longbow Hunters” could easily be adapted by the Arrow producers, because it works as an Oliver story at the core. Having him travel outside of Star City would be great, especially in making a change of pace. While Laurel Lance is dead, the show could easily use another character to take her role in the plot.

Oliver Queen losing his fortune and company would make for a great season arc
Oliver Queen losing his fortune and company would make for a great season arc

Oliver Loses Everything

Crooked financier John Deleon frames Oliver for misusing public funds. This leads to Oliver nearly losing both his money and Queen Industries while dealing with crime. While he tries to clear his name, Oliver has an identity crisis as his life falls apart.

An adaptation of this story arc would be a great plot for Arrow. Instead of focusing on Oliver’s love life, the show could zero in on how he must find a balance as a vigilante and CEO.

Snowbirds Don’t Fly

Perhaps the most famous Green Arrow story, this one focuses on Roy Harper’s drug addiction. After staking out a heroin ring, Oliver discovers that Roy Harper is himself an addict. He is further horrified to learn Roy stole his arrows because he needs drug money. Enraged, he lashes out at Roy and goes off to stop the drug ring. Meanwhile, Roy tries to quit heroin cold turkey.

Could the CW succeed in adapting a serious storyline from the comics?
Could the CW succeed in adapting a serious storyline from the comics?

“Snowbirds Don’t Fly” is perfect for Arrow, because Denny O’Neil and Neil Adams manage to make the story relevant and edgy. While it might be preachy, the comic arc succeeds at the human level. An adaptation of the arc would give a serious edge to the series. It would give actor Colton Haynes a chance to flex his acting range and show a troubled side of Roy’s character. However, given the story itself, the CW might be hesitant to depict drug abuse on the show.

Arrow‘s fifth season will premiere on October 5, 2016.

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