Thought Blast: A Surprise for All, ‘The Inhumans’ is Now a TV Series!

As ‘The Inhumans’ film has been in limbo movie wise, a news story broke last night that ends the limbo. We are now getting The Inhumans TV series in the Fall of 2017. After the news story broke more information started to come into play. Confirmed initially by The Hollywood Reporter, the series will be eight episodes long, focusing on Black Bolt and his family. We get the IMAX release of the first two episodes over the Summer of 2017 for two weeks, with the entire series airing in Fall of 2017. Here’s where it gets more interesting, this series will not be a spin-off from ‘Agents of SHIELD.’ Which made me wonder, The Inhumans is now a TV series, so what happens next? This is where my many thoughts kick into high gear.

The Inhumans are arriving on TV, with no big screen debut in sight.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ has been Inhuman wonderland in recent seasons so when The Inhumans was announced, a lot of people thought spin-off. I was even thinking spin-off, boy was I wrong. It seems as though Marvel is focusing on making The Inhumans their own thing from the get go. Of course, that means prepare yourself for even more Inhumans comics in the future. As we don’t know the future of ‘Agents of SHIELD’ yet, we have no idea if The Inhumans will be the second Marvel series on ABC or the replacement. Even more interesting, The Inhumans only has an eight-episode order from ABC. Why so low you ask? Since it is being filmed in IMAX, this show is going to have a huge budget and it does make for a good mini-series.

The Inhumans are here, yet what will become of ‘Agents of SHIELD?’

Here’s another factor, ‘Agents of SHIELD’ has trended downwards ratings wise season to season. Even with Ghost Rider in play, the show has still had a rough go of it this year. Another feeling behind the low episode order for The Inhumans is part budget and also seeing how well the show fares ratings wise. There must be confidence in this franchise considering Marvel/Disney is releasing the first two episodes in theaters. We’ll have to see what happens from that release and we’ll see what the hype level is from there.

Ponder this a moment too, we don’t even know who’s working on The Inhumans yet. No sign of a writer, producer, or anything else. That will help immensely in getting people excited for the series. Take note of this too, no one has even been cast yet. We are in the land of the unknown as all we know is, The Inhumans is happening. I believe that people are going to be watching this closely, I know I will be.

For anyone else out there in the land of the Internet, what do you all think of this announcement? Leave a comment below, feel free and talk it out. If you love it, hate it, or simply don’t care, feel free and we’ll have a nice chat. Till next time, this Thought Blast is over.

Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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