There’s No X-Files Without Scully – Part 5 & 6 [Spoilers]

The last two episodes of the X-Files introduced a mini Mulder and Scully. Doesn’t Agent Einstein remind viewers of Scully back when she first joined the X-Files? The pairings between the two pairs of agents put out some interesting dynamics. Episode 5 is mostly about establishing these new characters and their relationships. Scully still stands out with once again providing scientific proof.

On a brief side note, the whole ‘Muslims as terrorists’ stereotype is incredibly insulting, unoriginal, and racist. The X-Files does minute job at redeeming such an atrocity with Mulder’s, ‘power of suggestion,’ comment.

Aside from this terrible writing choice, which makes me wonder if it’s the same people behind The Oscars, Agent Einstein seriously stood out. Einstein is spiteful, fierce, and impatient – all the best qualities from Scully’s early days. Her character continues to impress long into the finale.

Now the Finale returns to the X-Files mythology introduced in Episode 1. Of course Scully is essential once again here, as she confirms the science behind the theory. Scully also has alien DNA. One great highlight from this episode that ties it all together is Scully’s one-minute narrated intro. This brings the whole series full circle, sort of. The truth is Scully starts the story again. Scully’s intro references so much more important points than Mulder’s did. Scully mentions The Syndicate, the epidemic of abductions, the scientific indications of these abductions on women, and most importantly the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Once again Scully is at top form, as Mulder is MIA for a good portion of the episode. Scully can prove the science behind the conspiracy, and especially since the new crisis is a global pandemic. The whole series really starts and ends with Dana Scully. The Finale especially articulates this with how it features Scully, and how she springs into action with Einstein. The scenes at the hospital bring all of the female characters to the forefront. For once, Fox Network isn’t overtly sexist in its display and writing of female characters. Well until it gets to the end.

This whole series feels like a set up of a re-launch of the franchise. With bringing in a new generation of agents to potentially take over the X-Files, bringing back a new mythology storyline, and the initiative to search for William Scully. The X-Files could be back, and hopefully with a new Scully.

Jess Morton
Jess Morton
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