Thea Queen Moving Forward: Speedy Coming Back to Team Arrow?

Thea Queen has been away on business, but is she finally ready to get back to Team Arrow?


Getting to see a glimpse of Thea in last weeks episode, was thrilling. Coming back to help Oliver in a mayoral crisis, she had been away on business. If Oliver is in trouble, Thea will be there.

Does this mean we get more of Thea, and possibly even see Speedy on the team again?

Wendy Mericle, a writer for ‘Arrow’ has been giving bits and pieces about where the character is going to be.

“She’s headed in a direction that’s very similar to where her mother was before she was killed in Season 2. We’re excited about it.”

Mericle went on to say:

“I’m actually really excited about her storyline because we’re taking her to a place where she’s been dealing with all of these issues the same way Oliver has, with her bloodlust and with her other elements of her past. And this season’s going to find her in a similar place but for very different reasons. There’s gonna be a great scene coming up between Oliver and Thea that’s one of my favorites on the show.”

Willa Holland does have a smaller contract than everyone else on the show, so we won’t see her as much. She is the one link to family that Oliver still has, and we hope she stays for as long as possible.

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‘Arrow’ airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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