‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Gets a New Trailer

The X-Files is coming back for an eleventh season. And, by all indications, this will at least be the last go round for Gillian Anderson. FOX has released a new trailer for the upcoming season, and it looks appropriately weird, though who knows if it will have enough punch to make up for that weird and dispiriting tenth season.

Check it out:

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It definitely looks like an X-Files show. Here’s a little information from Gillian Anderson about where we stand with the series, since more than a few people have probably tried to erase the tenth season from their memory, courtesy of EW:

Scully has taken a turn for the worse since that season 10 cliffhanger found her rushing to save a sick Mulder on a gridlocked bridge. Although she obviously recovers enough to run through headstones and dive behind a table — “because that’s what women do,” Anderson declared — she seems to come out of her near-death experience with a new drive.

EW also says season 11 may end on a cliffhanger, so perhaps we aren’t finished with the iconic series no matter what Anderson has said. Maybe they would go on without her, but that seems unlikely. This eleventh season of The X-Files will debut on FOX in early 2018.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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