The Worst ‘Anime’ Of 2017

Although 2017 was filled a lot of great anime, it also produced a lot of stinkers. Some titles were worse than others. It’s now time to look at the 10 worst animes to come out in the year of rooster.

Hajimete no Gal (My first Girlfriend is a gal)

My girlfriend is a gal

Having read a few of the scans online, it’s a crime to see what became of this show. The love story between Junichi and Yame is sweeter in the manga, compared to the blatant cash grab this show turned out to be. The insane increase of the fanservice, mixed with the overblown censorship for the broadcast version, and the final nail in the coffin comes from the character who keeps openly confessing to being a pedophile. The last part is the worst, because just as it seems like you can enjoy a bit of humor and fanservice for a moment, a “this character is a pedophile” joke comes around and you feel very uncomfortable about what you are watching.

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Akiba’s Trip: The Animation

Akiba's Trip

You know a show isn’t very good when you have to remind yourself “You enjoy this genre” over and over while watching it. Akiba’s Trip finds a way to suck the fun out of the Otaku comedy genre by mocking all the tropes and cliches which come with the community (including card games, maid cafes, and excessive fun behavior) does so in a way which feels forced and not funny. There are a few jokes here and there but for as hard as this series is trying to be a laugh on the floor entertainment giant, it falls incredible short and lackluster before the half way through.

Frame Arm Girls

Frame Arm Girls

This show is like someone watched Busou Shinki and said “How can we make this more perverted?” This is accomplished by having the girls moan as they are plugged into to charge, having their skirts be short enough to see their panties, and introducing a pair of twin sisters who are overly affectionate. Once you add in the fact this series was created just for the purpose of selling the model kits based on these characters you are left with a soulless show with little actual redeeming value.

Battle Girl High School

Battle Girl High School

Based on a video game this show assumes you have played the game. Repeatedly. To the point you look forward to each character being on screen and already know their quirks. Because the show itself sure as hell doesn’t take the time to properly introduce anyone. A cast of 18 Battle Girls are all introduced in the first episode and it like watching a second season when you missed the first one. Despite the fact this is the first anime based on the franchise. Overall it just feels like it has too much story and not enough plot.

Juni Taisen

Juni Taisen

This series is line if someone watched the Fate franchise, thought they could improve on it by basing characters on the Chinese Zodiac, and created a joyless stale show as a result. The entire cast is shown to have a very degree of the “Battle is all I know so I have fight” archetype which gets old fast.The show tries to make these characters seem sympathetic but with few having any redeeming qualities you find yourself not caring as the body count grows with each episode.

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

Seven Mortal Sins

Winner of the “Just should have been porn” award of 2017 is a show called Seven Mortal Sins. It’s a series based on lewd demon girl figures based on the seven deadly sins and even with setting expectation extremely low, this show still felt arduous to watch. Especially when watching the broadcast versions and the excessive censorship which the series showcases so the studio can get all the money when fans buy the blu-rays for all the uncensored nudity. Plus, can anyone explain why there is a recap special after the first four episodes? What was the purpose? For viewers to be reminded of the highly intricate plot? Don’t kid yourself.

Saga of Tanya The Evil

Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Having reviewed this previously, it should come as no surprise this title made the list. You can check out the full review if you wish but the TL;DR boils down to a story which is paper thin (Tanya uses her knowledge of future events and her magic to try and win a war), a lack of any meaningful support (name a character from this show other than Tanya and her subordinate) and a terrible main character (there is nothing redeemable about the proto-Nazi lolita) make for a show others are giving too much unnecessary praise for.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii

A sister is all you need

The main character is a writer who tries to make his perverted fantasies about wanting to have sex with a sister his next literary project. This is the center concert of the entire series and It all goes downhill from there. If you didn’t find this concept hilarious (Why would you?) your in for a rough ride. This show also has the the audacity to try and work love in dramatic moments to redeem itself and make you forget the main character wishes he had a little sister so he could bone her. This show is anti-humor and should be avoided like the plague.

Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio

The argument about whether this is or isn’t anime is long past. If it wants to run with the big dogs and be featured in Netflix’s anime section then it gets the same judgement as other titles this year. A full review of this atrocity can be found here. The one takeaway is this show will forever serve as a reminder of what the abomination which can come from an American financed anime production.


Hand Shakers

Few shows offer absolutely no redeeming factors from watching them. At the very least you get a catchy song, a cute character, or at least some element which makes you won’t regret wasting your time on it. Handshakers is one of the times where there is nothing to take away from it. Full review is here but as a reminder: The CGI animation is beyond distracting to the throw point the series is ugly. A halfway feasible magical concept of holding hands grants powers is dragged down to the point of obnoxious. Not to mention the main female character has the personality of a plank of wood. By offering absolutely nothing to enjoy, this series easily found a way to become the worst show of the year.

What did you think was the worst anime of 2017? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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