The World Of BLACK HAMMER Continues To Grow With DOCTOR STAR

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Jeff Lemire’s Eisner Award winning comic book series Black Hammer has been expanding its world. Starting with the stellar Sherlock Frankenstein, we got a look at the peripherals offered in this tragic universe. Doctor Star & The Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows is the next wave of expansion.

Doctor Star cvr 1

This time, creator and writer Jeff Lemire teams up with artist Max Fiumara and regular colorist Dave Stewart. Doctor Star tells the origin story of another hero from the golden age of heroes in Spiral City. Doctor Star came into prominence in 1942, along with the likes of Abraham Slam and Golden Gail.

Doctor Star’s story is one of scientific experimentation, heroism, and – of course – tragedy. Lemire tells the story of Doctor Jim Robinson from the perspective of an old, sad man. He, like the rest of the Black Hammer crew, is well past the active days of super heroism.

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Things are a bit different this time. Black Hammer is a mystery book about a team of heroes and Sherlock Frankenstein was a deep dive investigation into the world of villainy. Doctor Star is a more focused story, telling the tale of one man. In doing so, we get to see more of the history of Spiral City and Black Hammer‘s America.

Max Fiumara and Dave Stewart maintain the rustic and dusty atmosphere from the other titles. As Doctor Star makes his big discovery and officially throws his hat into the superhero ring, the book comes to life. It’s also a book full of emotion, Fiumara does wonderful work conveying the accomplishments and tragedies of Doctor Jim Robinson. He also effortlessly illustrates the young and old version of Doctor Star.

Black Hammer is one of the most refreshing corners of the comic book industry. These spin-off series have proved to be completely necessary in building this world into something bigger. Dark Horse is 2-for-2 so far with these spin-offs. As long as they keep taking us new and unique places, keep them coming.

Doctor Star & The Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows is another must-read for Black Hammer fans.


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