The Walking Dead Just Hit a 4-Year Ratings Low, Should AMC Worry?

The Walking Dead just set another record for itself, a 4-year ratings low record. ScreenRant via TVLine reports that Episode 6 of Season 7, ‘Swear’ had the lowest rating in four years for the series at 10.9 million viewers. Now 10.9 million viewers is still a great number. Most TV shows out there have a tough time reaching 10.9 million viewers even on their best day. Yet when The Walking Dead is sinking like this, everyone pays attention. Hence why you’ve seen many think pieces on the show in the past few weeks. In turn, now we all wonder, is there something to be concerned about with this?

The Walking Dead 4-Year Ratings Low is a Concern, but is it a major one?

I even wrote a think piece on the ratings of The Walking Dead in the midst of the increasing run time of the show. There’s only so far you can go right now with this series in the discussion of the show. I still stand by my statement, if the ratings are low for the mid-season finale, then AMC should be concerned. Comic Book pacing and TV pacing are two different beasts. The point the series is at right now is also a point where some readers dropped the book. Negan is going to be around for awhile so if audiences are mixed on Negan, that doesn’t bode well in any case.

Still, the ratings on The Walking Dead are amazing, even if they are lower than normal. These stand alone episodes building the new world of Negan and The Saviors up is a cool idea in theory. The most well-received episode of The Walking Dead thus far as been the episode introducing The Kingdom. The other episodes this season have had mixed reactions at best. You have increasing run times, lower ratings, and this makes Season 7 one that everyone ponders.

Now I leave it to you all out there in the Monkeys Fighting Robots Universe, what do you think about the ratings? What do you think about the show this season? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Is Season 7 where the bottom drops out for The Walking Dead? We will find out soon enough.

Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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