The Walking Dead: In Denial? So is Danai Gurira. RIP Glenn.

Not even the stars of the show can handle this, Danai Gurira included. Glenn’s death impacted all of us.

There is no way you don’t know what happened on the season premiere of The Walking Dead last week. If you actually don’t, congrats. You live under the biggest rock in America.

The world has been shook by not only one, but two deaths in one episode. Not only were they unexpected (by those who don’t read the comics) but they were down and dirty. Called the most graphic death scenes in the history of television, both Abraham and Glenn fell to their death by Negan’s baseball bat.

Gurira posted a wonderful tribute to Glenn, Steven Yeun, on her Facebook page.

“So I’ve been in denial,” she wrote. “The thought, the notion of losing Glen as a character in the show and Steven Yeun as a colleague is something I am yet to fully wrap my mind around. Steven was to me, from the very start, that deeply specific indicator that I was in the right place as I entered the TWD realm. The minute I was cast, he was in touch, inviting me to a lunch he and Lauren organized and trying to come watch my play The Convert which was then in production. Once I made it to GA, he helped me figure out where to stay, even letting me crash in his place over a weekend as I scouted out this new terrain called Atlanta.”

Both her Facebook and Twitter were full of nothing but love for both Glenn, the character, and Yeun as a person.

Gurira goes on to express all of her emotions, denial, rage, sadness, while expressing hopes of success to Yeun in all his new endeavors.

“I am so excited, however, to watch his journey continue to unfold, he is designed to break barriers, to fill the world with stories that must and have yet to be told.”

‘The Walking Dead’ airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
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