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Welcome to the Turnbuckle Bandwagon, our semi-regular column on professional wrestling, sports entertainment, and everything in between. This weekend brings one of the more unique WWE pay-per-views in ‘Money In The Bank’.

Introduced in 2005 by Chris Jericho, the Money In The Bank match has become one of the more popular matches in WWE. A Wrestlemania attraction for 5 years, MITB was given its own show in 2010. The match is the equivalent of a demolition derby. It is a multi-man ladder match, typically 7 competitors, and above the ring is a briefcase. Getting the briefcase is the only way to win. There are no pinfalls, submissions, or disqualifications. That briefcase gives the winner a match for the WWE title at any time and any place for up to a year. The cash in for the title has happened at other pay-per-views, on RAW, and in 2015 was cashed in by Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania, in which he walked away with the WWE Championship.

The field for this year’s Money In The Bank is one of the most talented in recent years. We’re going to take a look at the competitors and their chances for walking away victorious.


Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn Money
Sami Zayn is entering his first Money In The Bank match
photo: WWE

Just back from injury in recent months, the Underdog From The Underground is coming into his first Money In The Bank ladder match. While no stranger to ladder matches and other unconventional battles, this is his first opportunity to get near a chance for the WWE title. Zayn has proven he can achieve when given a chance and that he has the talent to do so, but his first time in may be a large mountain to climb.

Chances Of Winning: About as good as a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest


Cesaro at Money In the Bank
photo: WWE

Another WWE superstar just back from a shoulder injury, Cesaro is on the cusp of being a HUGE star in the WWE. He has all the tools needed but just needs that one signature performance to launch him into orbit. He has had some great matches recently and with the ‘Cesaro Section’ behind him, this may be his chance.

Chances Of Winning: Not bad, not great, but a good chance if things fall the right way

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho - Money In The Bank
Chris Jericho invented the Money In The Bank match
photo: WWE

Creator of the MITB match, that is the least of Jericho’s many accomplishments. He is a multiple time WWE champion, 9 time Intercontinental champion, and by his own proclamation, one hell of a sexy beast. All of that, and he has yet to win the match he invented. Jericho is a veteran competitor and normally would be a favorite, but in this field, he is middling at best.

Chances Of Winning: Better than Sami Zayn, but that isn’t saying much

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose at Money In the Bank
The Lunatic Fringe
photo: WWE

Dean Ambrose is on fire, he’s got a talk show and a big win over Chris Jericho in their ongoing feud. A former Intercontinental champion, Dean is setting his sights ever higher, as he is the only member of The Shield to not hold the WWE Championship (as both Seth Rollins and current champion Roman Reigns have done).

Chances Of Winning: Better than most, mainly because of a healthy disregard for his own well-being

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens - Money In The Bank
Owens’ sense of brutality favors him at MITB
photo: WWE

Kevin Owens is finally hitting his stride in the WWE. After debuting on the main roster last year with a win over John Cena, Owens would languish for a bit, but would claim the Intercontinental Championship. Owens has had solid matches with all the men in this contest and his almost decade long feud with Sami Zayn has made its way into the WWE. Big, mean, and brutal is how Owens fights and that may just win him the briefcase.

Chances Of Winning: Above average provided he doesn’t get distracted by his blind rage for Sami Zayn

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio - Money In The Bank
Del Rio has won MITB before
photo: WWE

While Del Rio is not the only competitor in this year’s match who has competed in MITB before, he is the only performer who was won the match and cashed in. El Patron has been a world champion before, and is hungry to be one again. He has a budding rivalry with Cesaro that may prove an obstacle to that goal.

Chances Of Winning: His previous experience should be a benefit, and even if he loses, he’s dating Paige now, so he still wins.

Wild Card

Money In The Bank matches tend to have 5-7 participants and there are only 6 this year. Considering how there is an upcoming brand extension and some superstars ready to return from injury, do not be shocked if a surprise entrant is added to the card. Perhaps an NXT call up like Finn Balor or a returning superstar like Randy Orton.

Look for a full preview of all of the matches on the Money In The Bank card coming later on today.

WWE Money In The Bank airs Sunday June 19 @ 8pm on the WWE Network.


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