The Top 5 Actors Who Could Pull Off Moon Knight

For those who have seen Captain America: The Winter Solder, or have followed the rumor hype mill as this writer has, saw the wee little Moon Knight hint at the end. Moon Knight, Marc Spector the mercenary/boxer/martial artist/son of a rabbi, Jake Lockely the cabbie, Stephen Grant the wealthy philanthropist, Mr. Knight the white-suited and white masked vigilante detective; Moon Knight has been many things over the years.

Whether fighting werewolves, men dressed up as a black-armored knight from medieval times, an insomniac who can project bad dreams, or simple ghost punk rockers, the White Knight of Marvel has truly seen it all. Well, at least the weirdest of the Marvel Universe. This is just a summary, Monkey’s Fighting Robots will have a more in-depth coverage the man behind the Moon Knight, and why he deserves better than he’s gotten thus far.

So, in honor of speculation for a character who rarely gets much love, here is a top 5 actors who could play the Fist of Khonshu:

Christian Bale
6. Christian Bale…so there is 6.

He’s already played the Dark Knight, whom some claim Moon Knight rips off, so why not the White Knight? We know he can play dark roles, rich, suave roles, and military roles. He’s from the U.K., so maybe that could play to Jake Lockley if they chose that aspect of the original solo Moon Knight comic.

Johnny Depp

5. Johnny Depp

‘Because he’s Johnny Depp’ is one reason, but not a substantial reason. He’s a character actor, and familiar with playing almost any role. Not to mention that he is good at playing crazy roles. Unfortunately, he is not numero uno because he is Johnny Depp, and might overshadow Moon Knight’s first live-action attempt. Also, many see his acting prowess in decline, so they might avoid the film for that reason. He reportedly doesn’t give a *****, so he might just take it and surprise everyone!

Jim Caviezel

4. Jim Caviezel

I almost forgot about JC. An actor who has yet to grace comic books, but is a terrific actor. He has ‘dark’ and ‘gritty’ written all over him. He has played a military and CIA operative in the past. He could probably deliver a good, dark, gritty voice to Moon Knight. It is unclear if he would play Moon Knight as he has yet to be involved in comic book adaptations, but that is what they said about a Michael Keaton Batman. Right?

Bradley Cooper

3. Bradley Cooper

He is just coming into his own as an actor, so he might not be multidimensional yet. He has played a sniper, which is like a Merc, right?

Michael C. Hall

2. Michael C. Hall

Think Dexter. He has that dark side but can hide it with a mask of sanity. It is not the soundest logic, but admit it; he could work.

Ryan Gosling

1. Ryan Gosling

Gosling is my number one choice for Moon Knight. He is a character actor, young enough, and has played dark and lighter roles together with ease. Not to mention, I think he is overdue for a comic book entry.

There is a runner-up category!

That would consist of younger Liam Neeson, Jake Gyllenhaal because for some reason everyone seems to want him in the role, and maybe younger Bruce Campbell. Why? He is Bruce Campbell.

One more thing….

Moon Knight will need some good music, and three that come to mind is Tiger Army-Power of Moonlight(it practically sounds like they say power of Moon Knight), Left for Dead- Beware of the Moon(It is about American Werewolf in London, but the name and chorus work), Tiger Army- Lunatone(Another moon related tune).

One last thing…Should it be on Netflix or a Marvel Studios film?
This writer suggests a Netflix show because of the success of Daredevil, and a TV series’ ability to flesh out a character. Since Moon Knight is relatively unknown, he’ll need the origin story in season 1. Oh, and as Monkeys Fight Robots previously reported, Marvel is planning a new character six months that starts with the Punisher. So, why not?

Safe travels, night travelers.

David Joseph
David Joseph
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