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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves towards planning its fourth phase there will be a lot of great movies being planned. Black Widow will finally get a film after so long and there are sequels to both Spider-Man and Black Panther in the works. Still, there is an underrated team which could be perfect in the new installment. They are known as the Thunderbolts. The team was a group of supervillains masquerading as heroes which evolved into a program where villains could reform from their previous actions. Basically, a Marvel Comics version of the Suicide Squad. With a plethora of former villains fans would love to see turn over a new leaf, a team roaster falls into place.



Yes, he is currently gone thanks to Thanos’ actions but given a lot of characters are, there is a good chance he can find a way back. If he does, a place on a team to help him make up for his past mistakes, while causing new mischief would be a great way to start. Plus, giving him more screen time would help to win back the fans which were broken-hearted after his death.


Spider-Man: Homecoming Vulture

One of the best villains to come from the MCU would fit in perfectly on the team. He was a family man who did everything to give them a better life. He would jump at the opportunity to find a way to minimize his sentence and go back home. He could fill the role of Mach-1, who was originally the Beetle before he became a hero. His experience with flight would not be so far of a leap in the recasting.



Remember him? The forgotten opponent of the Incredible Hulk was only shown to be defeated and hasn’t been heard from since. A return of this character would perfectly fit into the Hulk’s place of bringing some much-needed muscle to the team. Also, maybe it will result in bringing in the Leader, the villain who the film was briefly alluding towards.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes

If a hero with a checkered past would be ideal to keep this group under wraps, it’s The Winter Soldier. After what was shown in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s shown he is more than ready to do everything he can to make up for his sins. He would also be perfect for being the leader of this ragtag group of villains.

Baron Zemo


This is more of a maybe. Zemo was the mastermind behind manipulating the events that led Captain America: Civil War to take place and was seen having an ax to grind against the Avengers. He previously used the mental triggers to make Bucky go out of control. Sure, he was in the original Thunderbolts but at the same time, it would be a bit awkward, to say the least. However, it would be the perfect opportunity to have more development for this character. Maybe even have him get scarred and eventually, have to don the classic purple mask.

Iron Monger

Jeff Bridges Iron Monger Iron Man

Obviously not the original. Still, have someone find the plans for the armor, find a way to modernize it, and you’ll have the team’s, Iron Man. Maybe Justin Hammer? It would be awesome to have Sam Rockwell return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He would also be the best candidate especially consider his experience turning the Mark Two into War Machine.

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