The Sinister Six are Returning…with the Iron Spider?

Spider-Man probably has the most famous Rogues gallery in comics—only Batman can give him a run for his money. Spidey has so many villains that they’ve been able to form their own team, The Sinister Six, and they have rotating members, making them more like the Sinister 60. The last time we saw them was in Superior Foes of Spider-Man, only they were routinely missing a 6th member.

And they’re back! And all accounted for! Announced during the Cup O’ Joe panel at SDCC, the newest incarnation of the Sinister Six will debut in Spider-Man #234, taking the numbering from Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man run. Miles Morales will face off against the new Electro, Bombshell, The Spot, Hobgoblin, The Sandman, and…the Iron Spider?

Yep, the Iron Spider is back. When we last saw him, it was during the Avengers Initiative. A clone of a young superhero called MVP donned the Civil War-era Spider-Man costume. Who might be wearing the black and gold version of the Tony Stark designed suit is still a mystery.

A return of the Sinister Six? Always welcome.

Roman Colombo
Roman Colombo
Roman Colombo has been teaching comics and movies at Philadelphia area colleges since 2010, including Temple University, Drexel University, and Rosemont College. He has several publications in journals such as The Bookends Review and monkeybicycle. He's also the author of Trading Saints for Sinners, his first published novel.