A great look at a character's past while still employing a lot of intense action.
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The Second Episode Of ‘Attack On Titan’ Season Two Is All About Sasha

Everyone’s favorite potato loving member of the team finally gets her own episode. It’s Sasha’s time to shine and the fans are going to love it.

The episode showcases a flashback into Sasha’s past and explores how she was always obsessed with food. It’s shown she was willing to wrestle her father if it meant getting more to eat. The more you dig into it, her cut personality tick of always wanting food might actually be more of a mental or physical disorder than a simple personality trait. Unfortunately, psychologists are not available in this world to determine this.

There is a nice reverse of tropes showcased as well. Before she joined the survey corps, Sasha was reluctant to change her way of life, insisting it was the fault of others for their not being enough game to kill. Her father insisted they had to change if they have any hope of surviving. It’s interesting to see the counterpoint where a parent is embracing change and the child wishes things to remain the same. Luckily by the end of the episode the two are allowed to have a moment where they see eye to eye.


This episode also features a great display of how CGI and character animation can be blended together and it not be distracting. In one shot several characters are on CGI horses but they don’t distract from the overall presentation. In fact it is presented so smoothly you actually have to look close at the screen to realize they employed the CGI at all. This is a great contrast compared to a recent series like Hand Shakers where the CGI was so distracting it made the show look atrocious.

This new season is on a roll and hopefully will keep this level of quality throughout. Don’t get too comfortable just yet though. There are still ten episodes to go and still plenty of room for error.

Attack on Titan: Season Two is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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A great look at a character's past while still employing a lot of intense action. The Second Episode Of 'Attack On Titan' Season Two Is All About Sasha