Real emotions helps the book to continue to be one of the best books of the year.

‘The Ruff And Reddy Show’ #2 Continues To Hit Deep

Ruff and Reddy have hit the skids, plunging from A-list to “huh?” to “wait, who?” and finally to “who cares?” Next stop for these pathetic has-beens on the treadmill to oblivion is the convention circuit—where their agent turns a potential disaster into a goldmine of publicity—and the comeback begins.


This issue really knows how to make a series about a talking dog and cat feel incredibly real. In the first few pages, it’s revealed that Pamela, the agent trying to help them, got a promotion so her bosses wouldn’t have to suffer though a harassment lawsuit. With the current shakeup in Hollywood, this all seems like something which would happen everyday in Tinseltown.

From there, writer Howard Chaykin takes a stab at the convention culture from someone who brings experience to the work. As Ruff and Reddy unsuccessfully try to reconnect with their fans the pair radiate the uncomfortable sensation of individuals who wish they were somewhere else. This is one of the many bits of real emotion Chaykin puts into the story and all of it is the kind of powerful comic reading which is essential to find these days.


Ruff and reddy


The coloring, pencils, and inks by Mac Rey is incredible. He has an powerful way of conveying emotions and set up without directly spelling things out. Scenes like Ruff and Reddy’s vehicles as they pull up next to each other to contrast their financial situations, Ruff digging his claws into his desk to show anger, and Reddy falling off the wagon from one panel to the other. Many of these scenes use little dialogue but express deep emotions and are a testament to Rey’s skills as an artist.

Ken Bruzenak continues to match the Lettering to every scene perfectly. From the fake movie titles which are perfect reflections of the different time periods they are supposed to be set, to the general dialogue, every word feels intentional and purposeful.


The second issue seals the fact this series is intense and worth picking up. As the pair moves forward in their comeback, all we can hope is their demons don’t get the best of them. Or maybe they should. It would help the book continue to be a page turner.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Real emotions helps the book to continue to be one of the best books of the year. 'The Ruff And Reddy Show' #2 Continues To Hit Deep