An incredibly entertaining book for anyone who enjoyed The Flintstones or Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

‘The Ruff And Reddy Show’ #1 May Be The Surprise Hit of 2017

In the Golden Age of television, Ruff and Reddy were on top of the entertainment world…until the world turned, and they were forgotten. Now, Ruff is a washed-up television actor. Reddy is a clerk in an upscale grocery store. Can a hungry young agent convince the two one-time partners to make a comeback—and convince the world that it wants to see the famously infamous dog-and-cat comedy team back in the spotlight? Don’t miss it if you can!


Have you ever read a comic which you weren’t sure of, but once you started to read it you couldn’t help but get sucked in? This is the case with The Ruff and Reddy Show, a book which didn’t immediately capture attention when its preview released a few months ago. It seemed like the book would just be an unsuccessful attempt at trying to reintroduce a bunch of forgotten characters to a new audience. Then by the end of this first issue, it dawns on you that this book might just be one of the best things you have read the entire year.

There is something real and genuine in this book. Much like the Flintstones comic in 2017, this book has a lot of heart in it and seems to be telling of story of torment and redemption. It has a feel of Bojack Horseman to it with the deep drama it elicits. Much like Bojack, the two main characters are former TV stars who didn’t realize how much they needed one another until it was too late. The fact they are anthropomorphic animals shouldn’t distract from the deep emotional story writer Howard Chaykin has set up to unfold.

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Big round of applause for Mac Rey’s artwork on this one. There’s a lot of good color detail, especially when trying to replicate old movies or the sense of sadness from the sunrises or sunsets. The pencils and inks work offers a very interesting look which has hints of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The designs are much different than they were from the preview issue we saw a few months ago and they are much better for it. The interesting aspect will be seeing the other character designs introduced in the future.

The letter work by Ken Bruzenak is of a particular note. The fonts and captions are set up to look like different movie and TVs styled used throughout the years. There is everything from a Law and Order parody to the advertisements from a movie from the 70s. Careful detail was put into making sure the letters fit the set up.


It will be intriguing to see where the comic goes from here. There is a lot of real emotion and depth which seems like it will tell a powerful story. As long as it doesn’t run of out steam, The Ruff and Reddy Show will be a series anyone and everyone who enjoys comics will want to check out.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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An incredibly entertaining book for anyone who enjoyed The Flintstones or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. 'The Ruff And Reddy Show' #1 May Be The Surprise Hit of 2017