The Rise of Smartphone Gaming

Life is a hectic affair these days and the time to sit down and invest time in a computer game is a precious luxury few people can afford so mobile gaming has stepped in to give people the chance to play their games on the move to make every second count.

Going Mobile

It was not that long ago that mobile phones were plastic bricks in your pocket. They had the ability to do two things. Ring somebody and show the time. If you were lucky it was three things with the capabilities of text messaging. Even then, text messages had to be within a number of characters that would have made tweets look biblical.

However, over the past 10-15 years, mobile devices have evolved at an incredible pace. The average smartphone now has the ability to take photos, access the internet, video chat with friends and family, and host a range of mobile apps that offer a huge selection of services. It is also now possible to even play games on your smartphone.

Angry Birds

The popularity of smartphone gaming really took off with titles such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and Flappy Bird. Angry Birds was created by Rovio Entertainment and witnessed over 3 billion downloads worldwide and a movie based on the franchise has hit cinemas. Candy Crush Saga was developed by King and released in 2012. At its peak it had over 6.7 million users and has experienced over 500 million downloads. Flappy Bird was developed by an individual called Nguyen Ha Dong and at its most popular it was alleged to have been earning £35,000 per day through in-app purchases.

These games were the trailblazers. Recent releases such as Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike, and Game of War have attracted huge global attention and the use of A-List celebrities such as Liam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Kate Upton to promote their games during the Super Bowl emphasize the power they hold in society. It is a golden age for mobile gaming.


The reasons for the success of smartphone gaming are quite varied. One of the main reasons is the cost of the games being so low. It is regularly talked about how these games create millions of dollars through their in-app purchases but it is easy to forget that these purchases are not compulsory. These are voluntary payments made by players. Most apps cost less than £3 to download with many available for free to download.

Now if you compare those cheap prices to the astronomical fees you would be expected to pay for a computer console and the computer games to go with that console then it is no contest. To get some perspective, the hotly-anticipated Uncharted 4 hit the shops recently and was £45. If you want to pick it up as part of a bundle with the PS4 then you are looking at £330. There is no competition. Mobile games are proving to be more cost-effective in an age where every penny counts.


As mentioned above, we live in a time when every second makes a difference. People eat breakfast on the go, live by the motto of “sleep when I’m dead”, and constantly fail to cram enough things into the light of day. So mobile games offer exactly what your modern day player desires. A game that you can play without having to set aside a good couple of hours in your own living room or bedroom.

Mobile games can be played on the train, bus, or plane. They can be played if you’re waiting in a queue. They can be enjoyed if you are on the phone waiting to have your query dealt with by customer service. They can even be played while you are having a cheeky poo. This is a level of convenience that computer consoles can not offer. In fact, this is a level of convenience that nothing can offer.


A large part of the appeal of smartphone gaming is the manner in which these titles cater for social interaction. If you take all the biggest titles out there at the moment such as the likes of Clash of Clans, Game of War, and Mobile Strike it is this social interaction that is their major selling point. You can work with or against your friends and other people playing the game. Invite friends to play. Send them rewards.


This is a time when social media has developed a life of its own and there is a hunger from society to constantly seek social interaction in the digital arena. The option to be sociable from the comfort of your own home is an attraction that lures many players to play these games. Computer consoles like the PS4 and Xbox have attempted to create this social aspect but none of their games manage it as well as the top mobile titles.

Casino Gaming

The past decade has also seen an increase in popularity of mobile casino gaming. Online casinos have sensed the interest in the mobile market and have developed mobile apps and mobile versions of their websites to appeal to a new demographic.

There are also apps such as Zynga Poker, Royal Baccarat, Big Win Slots, and Big Fish Casino combine gambling with the social element to offer a unique mobile gaming experience that has proved to be a big hit across the mobile platform. Mobile gaming revenues are increasing at a rate of 50% every year and that has transferred to mobile casino gaming. It is a growing market.

In fact, the market already has so many online mobile players gambling and so many different games available. Trying to the find one that suits your style is the trickiest part, especially if you’re new. If you are wondering why this marketing is growing and how you can win real money today on your mobile – is a great resource to find your perfect Android or iOS gambling game.

The Future?

It looks like there is no end in sight to this rising popularity of smartphone gaming. Mobile technology is improving on a daily basis and it appears that the evolutionary process of smartphone gaming is only just getting started. Titles released over the past 12 months such as Angry Birds 2, Transistor, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and Badland 2 show that the graphics and gameplay has evolved so much in such a short space of time.

As virtual reality technology starts to makes its way into the mainstream conversation once again it has become clear that there is almost no limit to the potential of smartphone gaming. This is only the beginning and it’s a very exciting time to be playing your games on the move on your smartphone.

Don Draper
Don Draper
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