Monkeys Fighting Robots

Robert Axelrod, the voice actor behind Lord Zedd, one of the most infamous villains the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have ever faced needs your help. The actor has recently had to go through a very costly surgery and fans are working to help raise funds to cover the bill. A fundraising campaign is so close to being fully paid off but a little more effort needs to made to reach their goal. Donations have already came, including one from David J. Fielding, who played Zordon with the message:

Hi All! Many of you know that my mortal enemy/friend, Lord Zedd/Robert Axelrod recently had surgery from which he has faced some pretty serious complications. So far over $8,700 has been raised to help Robert in his time of need. Today Friday, June 22nd I will send the 1st 10 people to donate $50 a signed Zordon trading card. Simply click the below link to donate. Every dollar counts, if you are unable to help financially please simply share the Go Fund Me page and leave Robert a message of encouragement.

Remember, May the Power Protect You!

If you wish to donate to the actor, follow the link to the GoFundMe campaign. A small donaiton could help a hard working actor to get some much needed aid.