‘The Passage’ – Fox’s Vampire Thriller Casting Updates

The upcoming Fox vampire drama ‘The Passage’ has started to find its feet and a leading man! We’d previously reported that the adaptation of Justin Cronin’s vampire trilogy was headed to Fox, but information was scarce at the time.

The Leading Man


It’s been confirmed that Mark-Paul Gosselaar will be playing Brad Wolgast. The FBI agent is a key player in the flashback portions of the show. Not only is he responsible for collecting the villainous “twelve” but he will develop a loving and doomed father/daughter relationship with the mysterious  Amy.

Wolgast isn’t the only character cast either. Saniyya Sidney has also been confirmed as key character Amy Belafonte. While Gosselaar’s character Wolgast is a key figure in the past portion of the story, Amy is the linchpin of the series. She may be young, but Saniyya has already got TV credits under her belt with appearances in “American Horror Story” and Oscar-winning “Fences.”

They’re Not Alone. 

The casting news doesn’t stop there, however. Genesis Rodriguez has been signed to play Alicia, a tough talking warrior from the present day parts of the story.

Genesis Rodriguez

Brianne Howey and B.J Britt have also been cast. B.J will be playing an important role in the show as the character of Peter Jaxon. If the series get’s a full season order, B.J’s role in the show will be a large one as Jaxon is a pivotal character in the “Passage” series. The final piece of casting news is Jennifer Ferrin who has signed on to play Sara Fisher.

Jennifer Ferrin

The pilot will be written by Liz Heldens and directed by Marcos Siega. ‘The Passage’ will be a vast character driven thriller in the past segments and a post-apocalyptic journey in the present parts of the show.

What Is “The Passage” About?

The Passage” is a tale split between two separate time lines. An apocalyptic present day where humanity is attempting to make a last stand against nature and “viral’s.” Vampire like monsters that were once human.  Ten-year-old Amy Bellafonte will be the only person who has the power to communicate with them. Through flashbacks, Amy will tell her tale, which will help to shed light on the evolution of these creatures.

In the past, we will learn the history of Project Noah. A secret government organization, that is using death row inmates to study the effects of a new serum. Unaware of the deadly consequences this will have for humanity. How does a ten-year old Amy fit into this? While in the future, the same ten-year old Amy stands with Peter, Alicia, and Sara as they try to save the last of humanity from a virus that has destroyed the world.

An air date is unknown and the show has only been confirmed for a pilot episode. However ‘The Passage’ is a trilogy that is more than deserving of the television treatment.

Have you read the original Justin Cronin trilogy? Are you excited about the casting choices? Let us know in the comments below. 

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