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The New Creative Team Does Wonders For CABLE

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Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler come in as fresh blood for Marvel to try and kickstart everyone’s favorite time traveling mutant, Cable.

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This is the third Cable restart we’ve had in about a year. The James Robinson one was a slow burner that ended up as a forgettable nothing. The second was by underrated writing talent Ed Brisson and plagued by god awful artwork. Hopefully the third time truly is the charm for our old friend Nate Summers.

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Right out of the gate, Thompson and Nadler improve where the previous two writers have failed by giving Cable an actual voice. We spend time visiting his childhood and inside his current headspace. Cable has evolved passed the point of being a stone cold Terminator with little dialogue.

The man has a heart, it walks around in the form of his daughter. Hope Summers being taken off the shelf is always great for this comic and all X-Men comics. Her role in this story is an exciting one as both she and her father try to salvage their relationship and lives.

Cable #155’s script is deliciously 90s. The previous creative team went a little overboard with dipping into the past. Assembling a team of old school X-Force favorites wasn’t enough to mask the lack of story, especially when the dog shit art wasn’t doing Brisson any favors.

Thompson and Nadler are introducing 90s elements in a tasteful way. We get the characters and aesthetic of the 90s with the antagonist. We also get time jumps and techno organic virus action galore.

German Peralta and Jesus Aburtov completely sell this comic. The art is simpler, but still with a dash of ridiculous. Even the future sentinels and 90s cyborg villain are tasteful and effective.

Actual character dynamics and attributes go a long way. This new creative team and story comes out swinging. This is not only a fantastic issue, but it’s also easily one of the best Cable issues I’ve read in a long time.

It’s also worth mentioning the stellar cover art by Extremity creator, Daniel Warren Johnson. Can we get this guy more Marvel work already?

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