The Monkeys Fighting Robots Podcast Joins BlogTalkRadio’s Prime Network

Just in time for our 100th episode, The Monkeys Fighting Robots Podcast was picked up by BlogTalkRadio to join its Prime Network.

“Joining BlogTalkRadio is a great reward as a podcaster. That’s the power of the medium, you never know who’s listening,” said Matthew Sardo, co-founder of Monkeys Fighting Robots. “We look forward to using the tools that BlogTalkRadio offers to take our podcast to the next level and expand our reach.”


Since its inception in April of 2015, the MFR podcast has entrenched itself in all aspects of the world of pop culture, from social commentary of the best and worst of humanity, to passionate and personal celebrity interviews. The show is hosted by Matthew Sardo and movie critic EJ Moreno.

About BlogTalkRadio

Founded in 2006, BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. The platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live, publish on-demand, syndicate, measure and monetize conversational format podcasts. Hosts can capture interviews with guests from any geographic location using nothing more than a laptop, a microphone, and a broadband internet connection.

About The Monkeys Fighting Robots Podcast

A Gen Xer and a Millennial debate the latest topics in pop culture. One guy is a filmmaker and the other is a journalist, but both are nerds. We make your slowest days at work better.

Never heard of Matt Sardo? For starters, he made the Kessel Run in less than 11 parsecs. Prior to that, he gave Doc Brown the idea for the flux capacitor and led the Resistance to victory over SkyNet – all while sipping a finely crafted IPA. He’s covered everything from the Super Bowl to Comic-Con.

Who is EJ Moreno? Is he a trained physician? No. Is he a former Miss Universe contestant? Possibly. But what we know for sure is he’s a writer, filmmaker, and pop culture enthusiast. Since film school, EJ has written & directed several short films. He’s used his passion for filmmaking to become a movie critic for

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
As the founder of Monkeys Fighting Robots, I'm currently training for my next job as an astronaut cowboy. Reformed hockey goon, comic book store owner, video store clerk, an extra in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon,' 'Welcome Back Freshman,' and for one special day, I was a Ghostbuster.