Tynion IV and company deliver another solid Batman chapter. Part I in "The League Of Shadows" rewards readers in many ways for their loyalty thus far.


Detective Comics #951
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‘Detective Comics’ #951: The League Of Shadows Enters Gotham

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Detective Comics #951 hits comic book store shelves this week with “League Of Shadows Part I: Unleashed.” The mysterious war that Batman has been preparing for draws near as The League Of Shadows enters Gotham.

Shiva and her League quickly send Batman and his allies into a downward spiral of chaos. Framing Batman for the murder of Mayor Hady, killing two news anchors (Joker style), and setting a trap for the Bat-Family under the guise of a Joker attack.

Batman Mayor dead

Writer James Tynion IV finally gets to the big bad threat that’s been waiting in the background. All of his Detective Comics arcs thus far have been building to this. All plot lines and characters introduced and utilized along the way play a major role in Batman’s war with The League Of Shadows.

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Shiva looks to be a brutal force, capable of crumbling Batman’s defenses. The Joker misdirection was well executed. Every member of this Bat-Team has had their moment in the spotlight. It seems Orphan is next up, this arc may dive deeper into her character.

Tynion has developed these characters, and their relationship with Batman, delicately. As they face their deadliest test yet, we’ll see if those extra “Mud Room” sessions paid off.

Batman Det Com 951 cvr

Batwoman’s leadership role has increased throughout the series. Her captive father may play a significant role in dismantling the League Of Shadows. Will she betray Batman and free her father in order to stop whatever Shiva has planned?

The energy and tension are big driving forces in this issue. Christian Duce and Alex Sinclair combine forces and deliver a visually exciting experience. Other than a few inconsistent panels, the dark tone translates throughout.

All the gory violence and mysterious nature of Shiva and her League leaves a lasting impression. The wheels are coming off for Batman, readers can feel that panic through the art.

Tynion and company deliver another exciting chapter of Detective Comics. All the groundwork laid up until this point is paying off. Stakes are high, the threat is big, Gotham is in trouble.

What do you think of this run so far? Is Detective Comics the best Batman book right now? Let us know in the comments!

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