The INFINITY COUNTDOWN Concludes, Time For Cosmic Chaos!

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The clock for Gerry Duggan’s cosmic Marvel event, Infinity Countdown, reaches zero. It’s final chapter sets up next week’s Infinity Wars Prime #1. One thing is clear with this issue, we’re ready for the damn thing to start already!

infinity countdown 5 cvr



All of our players are set and aware of each other on the board. Doctor Strange, Adam Warlock, Black Widow, Drax, Captain Marvel, and Turk Barrett (former Stilt-Man) all have an infinity stone–now let’s light up this big batch of cosmic fireworks.

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It feels like we’ve beating around the bush forever with all these tie-ins. We still have no idea who the mysterious infinity figure is from all the promo art, or how Thanos fits into everything. It’s extremely reassuring to see that we only have to wait one more week at the end of Infinity Countdown #5.

Writer Gerry Duggan has become the cosmic mastermind recently and he’s got us on edge. The fact that there’s this much excitement surrounding a strictly cosmic story at Marvel is a testament to the great work he’s done (beginning with All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy).

It’s also a wonderful feeling to go into an event with no idea what’s going to happen. This spoiler culture we live in, especially if you pay attention to comic book solicitations, doesn’t usually allow for excitement to grow through mystery and impatience.

infinity wars prime

Infinity Countdown #5 doesn’t really do all that much to actually set up what’s coming in Infinity Wars Prime. What we do get is Doctor Strange beginning to assemble all the infinity stone wielders to sort out the inevitable impending threat. For the record, it’s awesome that Stilt-Man has an infinity stone.

As much as we’d all like our beloved 2008 GOTG teammates to reunite, Duggan puts Adam Warlock and the Guardians all at odds with each other. There’s plenty of distrust between Warlock, Quill, Gamora, and now Drax. Also, Groot is still speaking full sentences. Gerry’s knack for writing these characters allows him all the rope he needs to tell this story. In Gerry we trust.

gotg 2008

The big surprise from all of Infinity Countdown has been the involvement of Hank Pym, trapped inside the Soul Gem with a piece of Gamora’s soul. Marvel has been on a roll recently, resurrecting longtime staples of the 616 continuity. Pym would not only be welcomed back, but would make for some interesting stories given that Ultron has been running around wearing his face for a few years.

Duggan pulls a fast one on us in a fantastic scene where Hank Pym seemingly meets his end (again). Whether or not this is really the end for the original Ant-Man, it was a clever scene that is sure to get a reaction out of readers one way or another.

Aaron Kuder continues to perfectly accent Duggan’s strength for these cosmic characters. These two are the only creators that have managed to deliver a Guardians Of The Galaxy comic book since the success of the MCU films. That bleeds over into every corner of Marvel’s cosmic landscape. They balance the humor, heart, and absurdity that’s necessary to make the post-movie versions of these heroes compelling.

gotg 19 end

Mike Hawthorne also contributes some wonderful art. He focuses mostly on Doctor Strange’s investigation into what the hell is going on. Hawthorne gives us a more classic looking Doctor Strange. He’s more weathered and exhausted by sorcery supremacy than recent incarnations–it’s appreciated.

Infinity Countdown is now over, Duggan has us ready and rearing to go–bring on Infinity Wars!

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The INFINITY COUNTDOWN Concludes, Time For Cosmic Chaos! 4


The INFINITY COUNTDOWN Concludes, Time For Cosmic Chaos! 5

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