Flash Season Two- My Theory On The Identity Of Zoom.

Season Two of The Flash has been ripe with speculation about who is behind the Zoom mask.  In the comics, Zoom is Hunter Zolomon and it could well be him behind the mask. What I would like,  is for it to be someone completely different.

The theory I have is Zoom the Earth Two version of Barry Allen. Below is the storyline I would love to be a reality.

The Earth 2 version of Barry Allen was a normal kid with a loving family until one day he loses his parents in a car crash. This has a devastating effect on him but he seems to get through it after being taken in by family friend Joe West.

Jump forward to adult Barry who is now working as a forensic scientist for the police force (same as the Earth One version). The particle accelerator incident happens which again causes Barry to be struck by lightning and is in a coma for nine months. Here’s where the versions of Barry differ. After waking up, Barry finds out Joe and Iris have been killed by a metahuman which causes Barry to have a mental break as he has lost everyone he ever loved.


He begins to use his powers and slowly gets faster and faster until one day he somehow crosses over to our Earth. While here he sees Earth One Barry, and sees how his life is different and how he has friends and loved ones around him which enrages Earth Two Barry. While here he discovers he is the Flash and decides he wants to destroy his life so he becomes Zoom (this is my theory on why the suit looks like the Earth One Flash,  Zoom’s life has been a nightmare so he becomes the nightmare version of the Flash).

Zoom then crosses back over to his world and then finds that he can no longer get back across to ours which only causes his anger to increase. As a result, he goes after the next best thing, Jay Garrick, and proceeds to terrorise him for the next two years.

When the singularity happens Zoom realises that he now has the means to truly destroy Barry’s life and puts his plan into motion.

There have been a couple of things which have made me think this.

1. Since the singularity happened, we haven’t heard anything of the Earth Two version of Barry. We do know from recent news reports, that Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond from Earth Two will be appearing in an upcoming episode. We also know they will be Killer Frost and Deathstorm (Earth Two version of Firestorm). With this is mind, I believe it hints at a pattern where the alternate versions of characters are evil, following different events thathappened in their lives. This would then fit with a darker personality for Barry of Earth Two.

2. Zoom’s suit is the pretty much the same as Barry’s. Except its more of a nightmare version, which could be a clue to the mental state of Earth Two Barry as he is living a waking nightmare.

Full length shot of Zoom

3. There was a few times in Episode Five: ‘The Darkness and The Light,  where time travel is discussed and how Barry has done it a couple of times. Then when you see Zoom has Wells daughter and she said her father will kill him, Zoom responds with “I will not die, but yours and your father’s fate is undecided”. Is this because he has figured out time travel also and has been to the future himself and seen certain things. Maybe he has figured out how to cross into other versions of Earth, and has already killed other versions of Flash and already absorbed their Speed Force which is why he is so strong. Earth Two Wells mentions the multi verse in the episode so it’s not impossible.

I for one am very excited to see how it pans out. Do you have your own theory for who the man in the mask is? If so, let me know in the comments.

That’s all for now.

See you soon.

Lee Westney
Lee Westney
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