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‘THE FLASH’ S5 Ep. 5 Review: “All Doll’d Up”

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The ever-changing dynamics of the West-Allen family finally reach a resolution. While SUPERGIRL and ARROW have struggled to center their heroes, THE FLASH succeeds. The family drama may feel soap opera-y to some, but the West-Allen family has more than enough excitement and intrigue to keep THE FLASH going strong.

Ragdoll doesn’t provide a lot of scares, but he helps spearhead an Iris-centric episode. The character’s loosely defined anger with his mother sets the table for the Iris and Nora problems. It’s always nice when THE FLASH gives Iris time to shine, because she’s really an interesting character. That was especially clear last week, but “All Doll’d Up” continues the trend. Iris is a strongly written character, with a history of cool actions under her belt. This episode plays to her strengths.

Troy James as Ragdoll in THE FLASH, “All Doll’d Up” (copyright CW)

The side story with Caitlin and Cisco was also interesting. As the show’s longest-running sidekicks, it’s nice these characters still have ways to develop. Caitlin’s quest to discover her ice-goddess roots continues the episode’s theme of depowered daughters. Along with that, Cisco finds ways to turn away from vibe powers, and back to science. It seems like “The Death of Vibe” was less of a misnomer than it seemed to be. THE FLASH has a roster full of cool characters, and this episode takes advantage of their biggest players.


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The central characters continue driving the series. While the detective twins aren’t as compelling, and Ragdoll is only a tad creepy, Alpha Team Flash carries the episode well. Not only does this episode put a kind of cap on the West-Allen problems, it also sets up plenty of new stories. Now the main plot can focus on Cicada, while Caitlin continues to unravel the mystery around her father. THE FLASH has plenty more to work with in its fifth season.

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