The Flash War has come to an excellent conclusion and the world will never be the same!

Review: The Flash #50 Brings The Flash War and More to a Close

The Flash War comes to an explosive, emotional, and fun close.

The battle between Barry and Wally may have finished, but there is still one more fight. After Wally’s failed attempt to break his children out of the Speed Force, Hunter Zolomon reveals his plan. The destabilization of the multiverse caused by The Flash gave him access to the Strength and Sage Force. These new forces, along with speed, allow Hunter to become a different, more powerful Flash. With the League incapacitated and the Multiverse splitting apart, Barry and Wally must put aside their differences to stop Hunter. How will this war between the Flashes end and who will be on top?

The Flash 50 review

**Some Spoilers Below**

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Hunter reveals the second part of his plan is to become a hero and “fix” time. Barry and Wally chase after the mad speedster, finding themselves in Hypertime. As they run, the pair sees several different moments in the history of The Flash, including Wally’s kids. They also notice that Hypertime is fading due to this whole debacle and they have to work quickly. They return to the 25th century, now an empty white space, where Hunter tries to bring them in as a new Flash Family. Wally, now remembering his full past, refuses and runs in to take him down.

Flash 50 p1

This finale does a great job to remind us what makes the Flash Family great before it is all destroyed. The closeness we are shown in this issue far exceeds any super-family we’ve seen at DC. Every action and fight is tied to this theme, adding emotional weight throughout the issue. There are plenty of memorable moments throughout the issue, but the best has to be Wally going one on one against Hunter. It perfectly blends action and emotion in one beautiful scene.

There is a problem with this issue, despite its positives. The way the story ended left with me more questions without answers than I think was intended. The Sage and Strength forces have vanished, and there is no clue to what will happen next for Wally going forward. It is a bit nitpicking, but there is still plenty of enjoyment in the issue to overlook it.

the flash 50 p2


The art team goes above and beyond for this finale and make it a spectacle on the page. Howard Porter finishes off this arc in spectacular fashion, with the fights being the highlights. The final attack on Hunter, in particular, stands out in this issue. It’s not only well drawn, but colored beautifully by Hi-Fi, allowing the whole scene to pop.


While there are a few nitpicks, this comic is a fantastic ending. It’s full of emotion and action, bringing the Flash War to an epic conclusion. The art team takes this story to the next level with both illustrations and colorwork. It’s a fantastic comic, and I can’t wait to see where our speedster family goes next.

Jose "Jody" Cardona
Jose "Jody" Cardona
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The Flash War has come to an excellent conclusion and the world will never be the same!Review: The Flash #50 Brings The Flash War and More to a Close