The 5 Worst SUPER BOWL LII Commercials

The Super Bowl doesn’t always have the best commercials aired during the game. With the good, you have to look at the bad. Not every one of the commercials shown this year was good. Time to look at the ones which weren’t very entertaining.

Honorable Mention: The Dead Air

Super Bowl

The momentary bit of a black screen which was featured on the Super Bowl went on for a bit too long. To the point the viewers started to reach for their remotes and wondered if something had gone wrong. What could have been a perfect amount of time for a TV spot for new movie was instead nothing but dead air.


Diet Coke


The new diet coke flavor, Diet Coke Mango, had a less than entertaining commercial. A girl just starts dancing. This is the entire commercial. Weird.



This wasn’t really a bad concept it just didn’t land like it should have. Treated tax season like a monster under the bed should have been a cuter concept than what was broadcasted. Not the worst just not as good as it could have been.

T Mobile


This commercial felt uncomfortable. The panning over of a group of babies as it talks about demanding respect and equal treatment felt like it was going to take a weird turn. LIke it would have a terrible twist and be a commercial for a horror film. Instead its for a phone company and just feels odd.

Tide Commercial


NO! Not the one which looked like it was going to be an old spice commercial. The one which questioned what type of Commercial it was going to be. It then kept going through the night, questing what type of commercial it was going to be.



The commercial which inspired the idea to do a bad list as well. This lackluster commercial features Keanu Reeves motorcycle surfing and spouting nonsense. How is it possible to make a noted action star doing a dangerous stunt feel boring? Well, SquareSpace found a way and it allowed it to take a place on thislist.

What was your least favorite Super Bowl Commercial of the year? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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