The 10 Best ‘Steven Universe’ Episodes Of 2016

This originally was supposed to be a “Best of Season 3” but it was pushed back and instead has become a year end review. This year fans were given 39 episodes and it was a mixed bag of fantastic, middle of the road, and even a stinker of two. Still, the show continues to be one of the best on TV today and here are the best episodes to come out of this year.

Honorable Mention: Greg The Babysitter

This episode came close to making the list thanks to the heartfelt speech Rose makes comparing Gems and Humans. Still, it takes a bit more than one good speech to make this list.

Steven Universe

10. Hit The Diamond

The Crystal Gems play some Rubies in a game of baseball and it’s hilarious. The joke about the fake names they use is enough to make the episode memorable but the comedy and watching Ruby and Sapphire flirt the entire time really made this an incredible episode.  

Steven Universe

9. Monster Reunion

As Steven finally gets to be reunited with an old friend, a unique war story is told. One done completely in crayon. It’s an emotional moment as Centipeetle does everything possible to keep her consciousness while revealing more to the audience about what happened in her past.  

Steven Universe

8. Mindful Education

While dealing with the stress of knowing his mother’s sins, Steven finds it difficult to fuse with Connie. To help correct the situation Garnet offers a bit of meditation in a very catching song. These elements mixed together to show great character development and convey the importance of dealing with anxiety. Helping cement this episode as one of the best.  

Steven Universe

7. Crack the whip

Jasper returns and Amethyst gets a beatdown she never saw coming. It falls on Connie and Steven to fuse and face Jasper head to head if they have any hope of saving Amethyst. An episode which is mostly action but one with some very real ramifications seen in later episodes.

Steven Universe

6. Back To the Moon/Bubbled

This two parter really set the stage for what the following season would focus on. The Rubies return and reveal to Steven a shocking secret about his mother he didn’t see coming. A very low key moment which really left fans wondering if what was revealed was really true or not.

Steven Universe

5. 3 Gems And A Baby

The story of the first winter of Greg being a dad and the Gems not understanding what a baby is. A very comedic episode but filled with moments and helped us all to finally understand why the Gems don’t assimilate well into human culture.

Steven Universe

4. Gem Harvest

If ever there was an episode where the show really reflected real life it was Gem Harvest. Finding a way to accurately portray an awkward family meal but at the same time make it so entertaining fans couldn’t look away. This episode also helped us to get to know Steven’s human roots a little bit more and hope some of his other extended family decides to come visit in the future.

Steven Universe

3. Bismuth

A lost Crystal Gem returns and starts to talk about war stories. Things begin to get out of hand though as Steven soon finds there is a dark secret behind this old teammate’s return. One having to do with a choice his mother made. With his back against a wall, Steven has no choice but to once again clean up his mother’s mess in a way which all made us feel sorry for him having to shoulder such a heavy burden.

Steven Universe

2. Alone at Sea

This one really had the fan community frantic after it was said and done. Jasper returned in an effort to convince Lapis to fuse with her. The community quickly compared the incident to an abusive relationship with one person coming back and insisting they didn’t mean for things to be bad and saying they won’t do it again. With so much emotion and a real sense of dread at times, this episode will be one fans talk about for a while.

Steven Universe

1. Earthlings/Beta

The two parter easily made the number one spot on this list. A simple trip turns into Steven and Amethyst against Jasper in a no holds fight. Just as the action reaches its peak, Jasper begins to break down and is unable to understand how weaker opponents could defeat her. Action, comedy, and drama in one two part package.It easily stole the number one spot on this list and became the best episode of Steven Universe for the year.

What was your favorite Steven Universe episode of 2016? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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