Jeff Lemire continues his Marvel victory lap while helping to resurrect cosmic Marvel's former glory. This title continues to be a unique and triumphant experience.

‘Thanos’ A Cosmic Triumph & Unique Experience

Writer Jeff Lemire may be leaving Marvel, but not without finishing his epic Thanos run. The series so far has been unlike any other book starring the maddest son of Titan. Thanos #9 keeps the cosmic train rolling full steam ahead.

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Defeated by his Phoenix powered son Thane and Lady Death, Thanos was left to die in a wasteland completely powerless. Now, with the help of his family who was betrayed by Thane, the “Mad Titan” seeks a way to regain his power and stop his son.

Knowing that Thanos is powerless at the moment, everyone wants to take a shot at him. Even without his strength, the mortal and humbled Thanos is still a brutal son of a bitch. He’s been tried to the fullest over the last few issues, and despite how welcoming he is to death still will not meet his end.

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Cosmic Marvel has been sneaking its way back to prominence in titles like this and All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy. A major part of making the Marvel universe feel whole again, and more classic, is the cosmic side. Some of the best stories in the history of comic books take place within the stars of the 616 universe.

The setting isn’t the only classic feeling element of Thanos, it’s also Jeff Lemire’s script and narration. How events unravel, and how the characters paths intertwine, has a very old-school feel. This intergalactic tale is spread far across space, the difference in how Thanos’ reputation is known and received helps give this vast universe a very believable pulse.

Seeing Thanos go through the meat grinder throughout this series has been satisfying. Watching him overcome his many moments of weakness and despair, like all of our favorite heroes, makes him more compelling than ever. Despite being one of the most sinister villains of all-time, readers will find themselves rooting for Thanos to overcome these trails and regain his god status.

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Lemire continues his victory lap of Marvel contributions with this epic title. His script and dialogue are top notch as always, still finding new places to explore and new characters to meet.

Thanos #9, and the two previous issues, feature some truly wonderful art. It’s not striking the same chord as Deodato did during the first six issues, but German Peralta breathes life into even the most desolate of cosmic landscapes. Rachelle Rosenberg’s coloring does the most to ensure this issue achieves its intergalactic glory.

This issue was more of a family affair and less of a cosmic epic, but entertaining nonetheless. Space witches, the God Quarry, and the Phoenix Force all add up to a more than enjoyable comic book experience!

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Brandon J. Griffin
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Jeff Lemire continues his Marvel victory lap while helping to resurrect cosmic Marvel's former glory. This title continues to be a unique and triumphant experience.'Thanos' A Cosmic Triumph & Unique Experience