Take A Listen To Jakob Armstrong Danger’s Pop Punk Band

Billie Joe Armstrong, the front man for Green Day has a 16-Year-Old Son, Jakob Armstrong Danger and he plans to release a pop punk album. Danger has signed with Caifornian label Burger Records according to NME and will release his debut EP on cassette tape.

Listen to Danger’s first three tracks.

King of the World
Track 3, last for a bit…
Jakob Armstrong – GTR / VOX
Joey Armstrong – Drums
Seb Mueller – Bass

Waiting To Dance
Track 2, another one I wrote. ENJOY 🙂
Jakob Armstrong – GTR / VOX
Joey Armstrong – Drums

Don’t try
One song of at least 4 that I’m gonna do…
Jakob Armstrong – GTR / VOX
Joseph Armstrong – Drums
Sebastian Mueller – Bass

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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