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Vita Ayala

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NEBULA #1 Begins Her Quest for Change (Or Victory)

Nebula #1 starts off the miniseries in a chaotic yet entertaining way, as Nebula battles her way through life – and danger – once again.

Review: MORBIUS #1 Helps A Neglected Hero Rise From The Tomb

Marvel’s forgotten vampire of the 90s, Morbius has returned thanks to a story by Vita Alaya and art by Marcelo Ferreira, Robert Poggi, and...

Review: ComiXology’s QUARTER KILLER #1 Drops A Funky Beat

Do you like flow that makes the beat go woah? Then, put on your reading glasses because Quarter Killer #1 will teach you some...

GHOST-SPIDER ANNUAL #1 Visits Murderworld With Action And Heart

Marvel Comic's GHOST-SPIDER ANNUAL #1 out this week, packs panel hopping action and a heart-filled message of loving yourself all in one package. With the...

Valiant Fan-Favorite LIVEWIRE Gets First-Ever Ongoing Series in December

Having been around since 2012, appearing in the pages of Harbinger, Livewire, aka Amanda McKee, is FINALLY getting her own series, which will be...

Get your first look at TWISTED ROMANCE #2 by Alex de Campi & Alejandra Gutiérrez

Get your exclusive first-look at TWISTED ROMANCE #2 by Alex de Campi & Alejandra Gutiérrez!