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Tom Napolitano

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How CATWOMAN #25 Marks the Occasion

Catwoman #25 makes this occasion with three short stories, all showcasing a different side of the one and only Selena Kyle.

Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #53 – Dick Grayson’s Wild, Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

JUSTICE LEAGUE #53, available in comic book stores on Tuesday, September 15th, details the fallout of various Justice League members following the Dark Multiverse...

Review: SUPERGIRL #40 Asks When Is A Finale Not A Finale?

DC comics bring you the finale to Jody Houser and Rachael Stott’s infected Supergirl story arc in this week's 40th issue.

Review: CLASH OF KINGS Part II #3 – Brienne’s Loyalty & Tyrion’s Downfall

CLASH OF KINGS Part II #3 from Dynamite Comics, hits your local comic book shop on March 25, is the continuation of George R.R....

Review: THE TERRIFICS #26 And The Fall Of Simon Stagg

Simon Stagg, billionaire industrialist and constant thorn in the collective foot of most DC Comics heroes, is the focus of THE TERRIFICS #26. Available...

GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS #6 Settles for the Status Quo

Gotham City Monsters #6, written by Steve Orlando, with art by Amancay Nahuelpan, colors by Trish Mulvihill and letters by Tom Napolitano, is the end...

Review: SUPERGIRL #39 Fighting The Fight, For Better Or Worse

Everything in this issue is larger than life, bursting with color, and has the conversational banter that keeps the story moving.

GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS #5: Cue the Monster Mash

Written by Steve Orlando, with art by Amancay Nahuelpan, colors by Trish Mulvihill and letters by Tom Napolitano, Gotham City Monsters #5 presses pause to...

Review: SUPERGIRL #37 Starts Her Flight Back To The Top

This issue of Supergirl is energetic and proves that you can still have fun superhero comics, even with some darker elements in the mix.
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