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ACTION COMICS #1025 Preview: Super-Family Vs. Invisible Mafia

The "House Of Kent" storyline in Action Comics is about to get a lot more super — literally, with the whole Super-Family called into...

Review: The Robin King Arrives In DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL #3

Death Metal is just bonkers, in all the right ways.

OP-ED: REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN: False Supermen and Jesus Christ

A man dies for the fate of the world, is mourned by his followers, and is laid to rest. He carried the weight of...


If you've ever wanted to see a DC Comic featuring Superman, Cyborg, and Cyborg Superman all together, your wish is about to come true....

DC Comics First Look: SUPERMAN #23

DC Comics has released a first look at the upcoming magic-themed Superman #23 by Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Maguire, and Alex Sinclair. Here's the description...

DOOMSDAY CLOCK and Geoff Johns’s Apolitical Superman

Love it or hate it, Doomsday Clock and its publishing history have caused a lot of discussion about DC Comics and its future. Some...

Review: ACTION COMICS #1022 Opens An Investigation That Will Rock The DCU

Conner Kent's reappearance could crack the mystery of DC Rebirth wide open.

SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN: An Authentic Story On Racism

Superman Smashes the Klan is a 3-chapter series adapting an iconic episode of "The Adventures of Superman" radio show. The episode serves as an...
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