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Reading Comics Can Give You Comfort; Here Are Just A Few Choices

A lot of us are in need of a little comfort and escape right now, which is hard for some with social isolation. But...

How FEARLESS #4 Concludes A Memorable Series

Fearless #4 concludes this adventurous series, bringing with it a shocking amount of impact and vital messages for readers young and old.

Review: X-MEN #1 – Lavish Lunar Living in Your New Summer Home!

The Summers family welcomes you into their home for X-Men #1, cribs edition, out this week from Marvel. Spilling out of House of X and Powers...

Review: An Alliance of Heroes in FEARLESS #3

Fearless #3 is full of brilliant characters, plots, and artwork; giving us the best heroines and artists Marvel has to offer, and rejoicing in that fact.

Review: FEARLESS #1 Seems Great On Paper But Falls Short On Execution

Fearless could be great but the first issue falls flat.

Seven WOMEN OF MARVEL Deserving of their Own Films (and Who Should Play Them)

We are not alone in saying that there are plenty of Women of Marvel that we would like to see in their very-own feature...

From Swamp Thing to Wolverine: The Wild Mind of Len Wein

As reported by Monkeys Fighting Robots’ very own Aric Sweeny, the world of comic books lost a seminal figure last weekend. On September 10th,...

Editorial: X-Men Series ‘Death of X’ Made No Sense

Marvel's recent X-Men event, Death of X, just wrapped up this past Wednesday. It focuses on Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men reacting...

Top 10 Marvel-Fox Crossover Movies

Rumors are flying once more about a potential Marvel-Fox movie crossover. While it’d be years in the future, there is apparently interest at Fox...