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Steve Rogers

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SPIDEY #10 (2016): When A Hero Knows Your Name

SPIDEY #10, released in September 2016, was a monumental addition to Robbie Thompson's take on Spider-Man. His initial issues focused on establishing Peter Parker...

Review: CAPTAIN AMERICA #7 Shows Us What the Shield Stands For

The popular story told in the Secret Empire event continues to have incredible impact on Marvel's current Captain America run. Ta-Nehisi Coates has found a way to...

CAPTAIN AMERICA #3: Steve’s Emotional Weight On Your Shoulders

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Francis Yu take Steve Rogers into Wakanda in Captain America #3. Black Panther joins the global hunt for whoever is behind the Duke army.

AVENGERS #6 Review: Earth’s Mightiest Infection

Planet-sized Iron Man Armor, giant-sized She-Hulk and Thor, a dead Celestial possessed by Ghost Rider, and a cure that needed to age for millions...

WEAPON H #6 Review: Action Pak-ed

Captain America fights Weapon H, Skrullduggers attempt to eat kids, Man-Thing gets supercharged, and Hulkverine possibly gets promoted as Greg Pak kicks off this...

CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 Review: Coates Catches Readers Up

Ta-Nehisi Coates kicks off CAPTAIN AMERICA  #2 with a down an out Steve Rodgers; one that’s ashamed, untrustworthy, and unauthorized to operate for the country he...

Coates Brings New Life & Perspective To CAPTAIN AMERICA

Can you think of a better way for comic book fans to celebrate The 4th Of July than a monumental Captain America debut? Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Leinil Francis Yu kickstart a new era for our favorite red, white, and blue soldier boy when we need him most.

Spoiler Review: CAPTAIN AMERICA #704 -The Kree Skull War

The clever Jack Rogers finds a way in Mark Waid’s final issue of Captain America. Review: Captain America #704 written by Mark Waid with art by...

AVENGERS Still Not Fully Assembled In Issue #3

Jason Aaron, Paco Medina, and Ed McGuinness' Avengers #3 sees the team get closer to fully forming, but still not there yet. The mysteries of Marvel Legacy #1 are still unraveling as Loki takes Captain America for a ride.