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A Changing of the Minds in STEEPLE #5

Steeple #5 is the dramatic and shocking conclusion to the series, full of revelations, twists, and perhaps an opportunity for more.

Temptations and Trickeries in STEEPLE #4

Steeple #4 has fun playing with biases, assumptions, and expectations. It’s a quirky and lively issue, full of witches and magic.

Review: STEEPLE #3 – The Enemy Of The Enemy

Steeple #3 is the most surprising issue of the series, blending a unique and peculiar plot with fanciful humor and unanticipated plot development.

STEEPLE #2 – There’s More Than One Way to Fight Evil

This intriguing tale continues in Steeple #2, while throwing some surprising twists and turns along the way. All while tackling some shockingly heavy debate points.

How STEEPLE #1 Launches a New Series

Steeple #1 is the dynamic start to an all-new series full of demons, monsters, and a priest in training. The idiosyncratic nature is sure to delight readers.