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Sarah Stern

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A Changing of the Minds in STEEPLE #5

Steeple #5 is the dramatic and shocking conclusion to the series, full of revelations, twists, and perhaps an opportunity for more.

Temptations and Trickeries in STEEPLE #4

Steeple #4 has fun playing with biases, assumptions, and expectations. It’s a quirky and lively issue, full of witches and magic.

Review: STEEPLE #3 – The Enemy Of The Enemy

Steeple #3 is the most surprising issue of the series, blending a unique and peculiar plot with fanciful humor and unanticipated plot development.

STEEPLE #2 – There’s More Than One Way to Fight Evil

This intriguing tale continues in Steeple #2, while throwing some surprising twists and turns along the way. All while tackling some shockingly heavy debate points.

How STEEPLE #1 Launches a New Series

Steeple #1 is the dynamic start to an all-new series full of demons, monsters, and a priest in training. The idiosyncratic nature is sure to delight readers.

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ 2017 Annual Delivers

With comic book annuals, the usual format is to have the book be filled with short stories involving the cast. This is because the...

‘Brave Chef Brianna’ #3 Is A Dish Too Good to Pass Up

Brianna’s restaurant has gained some positive attention, so of course that’s when her brother Hans decides to roll into town with his food truck...