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Ramon K. Perez

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Landscaping Atmosphere in STILLWATER #1

In Stillwater the creators build a visual landscape that reflects the unnerving narrative so that one aspect feeds beautifully into the other

Review: STILLWATER #1 Sometimes Dead Is Better

STILLWATER #1, available from Image Comics on September 17th, begins a new series about a down-on-his-luck stranger answering the call to a mysterious town...

Visit A Town Where Death Is Forbidden In STILLWATER

Image has announced a new horror series, coming September 16th, from Eisner and Harvey award winner Chip Zdarsky titled STILLWATER. Imagine a town abandoned...

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE Review: True Brothers

A new Mister Fantastic, a powerless Ben Grimm, and an original Fantastic Four member finally makes a return all in this week’s MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #9 as...

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #8 Review: The Truth Burns

Chip Zdarsky kicks off Marvel Two-In-One #8 by giving Ben Grimm almost everything he’s ever wanted, except Ben, is on an alternative universe lead...

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #7: Trapped in the Truth

Marvel Two-in-One #7 written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Ramon K. Perez, colors by Federico Blee, and letters by Joe Caramagna crashes onto our shelves this week as Chip Zdarsky finally reveals the truth about Rachna and sets our heroes up for another fight for survival in Battleworld. But, you’ll never guess who runs the show on this Earth!
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